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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 12 Recap

Jin Ping’er watched the wild dogs drink freely, so she kindly reminded the wild dogs that Baguio and Guili did treat him well, but once Guili resurrected Baguio, they would leave. There would be no one to protect him. Plan. Qin Wuyan, who was on the side, heard these words, but also lost something. Qin Wuyan said that the ghost king was looking for two people and went to see the ghost king with Jin Ping’er.

The ghost king said that they would go to the Fenxiang Valley to capture the heavenly book, and then resurrect the beast gods in the hundred thousand mountains. At that time, they would need the help of the Acacia Sect and Qin Wuyan. Qin Wuyan directly offered to help, but he had no men. The ghost king understood Qin Wuyan’s meaning and immediately The disciple of the Wandu Sect compiled by Qinglong was handed over to Qin Wuyan. The ghost king asked Jin Ping’er to cooperate with Qin Wuyan to disintegrate Fenxiang Valley’s strength from within.

In the middle of the night, when Haoyue was in the sky, Lu Xueqi threw it on the cliff to practice swords. When Shuiyue came, she knew that Xueqi would never forget Zhang Xiaofan. Xueqi told her master about the doubts in her heart. In the swamp of death, in the treasure house of the Emperor of Heaven, Zhang Xiaofan desperately saved herself, but Shuiyue insisted that Zhang Xiaofan was already Qingyun’s traitor.

There was no reason for many things in this world. Xueqi said that the world is not benevolent and all things are the humble dog. These are the few words that emerged before the appearance of the heavenly book. If the world is really not benevolent, then what is the meaning of their persistence. Unexpectedly, Shuiyue fell into contemplation after hearing the words, feeling obsessed and resentful, everyone can’t escape.

Daoxuan, who had been in retreat, walked out and talked with Wan Jian. Wan Jianyi persuaded him not to be obsessed with the matter of Zhuxianjian back then. Lin Jingyu and other apprentices can now stand alone. Daoxuan felt that Lin Jingyu was indeed a good material, but he did not dare to keep him by his side because Lin Jingyu is too much like a person-Wan Jianyi of the year. In fact, Daoxuan still couldn’t figure out the fact that he was killed by Zhu Xianjian back then, Wan Jianyi relieved him.

Guili was in Huqi Mountain, thinking about all the efforts he had made to revive Baguio in the past ten years, from the destruction of the spiritual stone by Cangsong to the dripping of water on Xiaohui. He didn’t know whether all of this was true. It’s providence. Xiao Hui has always been next to Gui Li, and Gui Li comforted him. It was not his fault, and he didn’t blame him.

At this time, Xiao Huang, who had been imprisoned by the ghost king, also flew back. Under the leadership of Xiao Huang, Gui Li came to the room of the ghost king, heard the conversation between the ghost king and the envoy of the blue dragon, and learned the necessary conditions for resurrecting the beast god. It is speculated that maybe the ghost king wants to use himself as the body of the resurrected beast god.

Xiao Hui made a sound, and the ghost king realized that he was following, and he once again returned Xiao Huang to his magic weapon. The ghost king said that Xiaofan’s blood-devouring beads needed the essence and blood of living creatures to repair. After learning that Guili had not used the blood-devouring beads to suck the blood of living creatures for ten years, the ghost king said that there will be countless creatures after reaching the hundred thousand mountains. Essence and blood supply the blood bead to suck.

Guili accused the ghost king of using his obsession with Baguio to resurrect the beast god. The ghost king said that he just wanted to resurrect Baguio with the huge energy released when the beast god was resurrected. Gui Li directly pointed out that it was Baguio and Xiao Chi that belonged to the energy that the ghost king pursued, because Baguio never wanted to see the passing of innocent lives.

The heavy rain came, and Gui Li stood in the rain and walked to Xiao Chi’s grave. Thinking back to everything he had experienced since the death swamp, he knew that the ghost king had too much greed and wanted to resurrect the beast god, which he didn’t want to do. With a lot of thoughts, Gui Li told Xiao Chi that this place was no longer his shelter, and he would no longer be able to visit her for Baguio in the future.

When Gui Li turned around and wanted to leave, he met Qin Wuyan. Qin Wuyan said that before he went to Fenxiang Valley, he wanted to pay Guili a favor. He took out the medicine, which was when Guili secretly gave Yuyangzi in the death swamp. The poison he poisoned makes people fall into obsession, and may eventually die in madness, but Qin Wuyan did not expect that Gui Li refused to understand the medicine because Gui Li even wanted to have hallucinations, so Baguio would always be there.

Xiaohuan was very worried about Xiaofan. He set up lanterns by the river and gave her a book to comfort her. One day Xiaofan really resurrected Baguio and brought her to Yudu. He wanted them to see himself and Xiaohuan take Yudu City. How good the governance is.

Qin Wuyan and Jin Ping’er came to Fenxiang Valley. Jin Ping’er saw Qin Wuyan’s purpose. She knew that Qin Wuyan also wanted to resurrect Baguio.

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