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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 11 Recap

Ghost Li pulls Lu Xueqi to the side. Lu Xueqi recalled what Zhang Xiaofan said back then. He resented that he was not capable enough, because he had enough ability to get rid of this dilemma. Xueqi sighed that she often resented herself now Not enough ability to help Xiaofan solve his current state, she wanted to bring Xiaofan back to Qingyun. Qin Wuyan and Jin Ping’er arrived, so that they would stop reminiscing about the past. The Poison God was about to walk into the innermost treasure house of heaven and earth. Guili knew that Xueqi would not be willing to go with Jin Ping’er Qin Wuyan and the others, and asked Lu Xueqi to leave first. Xue Qi left without looking back.

Qin Wuyan Jin Ping’er and Gui Li saw Shenshui. Just as Gui Li wanted to step forward, Qin Wuyan stopped him. Because Qin Wuyan thought Shenshui was strange, because judging from the sword marks on the cantilever, someone had already been here, but they did not take Shenshui, only the Heaven and Earth Mingshi stored in it, Gui Li also felt very strange. He was about to take away the days, but just as he was preparing to act, the poison god came suddenly and fought with Ghost Li. The poison god wanted to use the poison gu to threaten Qin Wuyan for his own sake, but at this time Qin Wuyan was no longer there.

If he was willing, Gui Li asked Qin Wuyan not to panic, because controlling Poison Gu required a cost of cultivation, and the Poison God would not do this at this time. Guili blamed the disaster in Yudu that year, and the poison god was the one who caused it. Therefore, he will have a break with him today, which is also regarded as revenge for the old city lord. Lu Xueqi also rushed to stop Gui Li and Poison God from pressing the heavenly book. When the poison god came into contact with Shenshui, his face was hideous and painful. Jin Ping’er and others responded that Shenshui was fake, and Gui Li didn’t know why.

On the altar, the words “Heaven and earth use everything as a dog” appeared. Shenshui suddenly fell on Xiao Hui’s forehead. Gui Li was stunned. He placed all hopes of resurrecting Baguio on Shenshui, but Shenshui Suddenly it was acquired by Xiao Hui. Li Xun took out the Profound Fire Mirror while everyone was in a daze, and took away the heavenly book. The cave was swaying, Jingyu and Xueqi left this dangerous place in despair.

Before Gui Li had recovered from the pain of losing Shenshui, Xiao Yicai threatened to deal with the traitor of the Shimen, punching him from behind, and this punch knocked Gui Li to the ground. In order to protect themselves, Gui Li and Xiao Yi did it. Xiao Yi was not Gui Li’s opponent at all. When Gui Li was knocked down, Lin Jingyu stopped the two of them. Xiao Hui also ran out with a wild dog. At this time, Qinglong suddenly appeared. The body left hurriedly again, and the unidentified Ghost Li followed to understand the situation.

The physically impaired Poison God staggered out of the cave. He met Qin Wuyan. Qin Wuyan accused him of treating his disciple’s life like a must, and took out the Gu mother from his body and took the Gu poison from his body. Qin Wuyan personally ended the life of the master. This so-called master caused him more pain than nurturing.

Li Xun, who got the book of heaven, was contented and provoke the book and others. Daren sighed that this trip was unsuccessful. The book said that at least they saw Xiaofan on this trip, knowing that Xiaofan had not become the legendary ghost boy who killed people without blinking. He was still the same as before, sentimental and righteous. Don’t worry, Jingyu is a little worried, worried about how Xiaofan will explain to the ghost king.

Gui Li returned to the Ghost King Sect, and asked the Ghost King to hand over his Xiao Huang. Facing Gui Li’s questioning, the Ghost King evasive. Guili asked the ghost king to deceive himself with Shenshui, just to help him get the heavenly book. The King of Ghosts changed the subject again and mentioned the crack on the Blood Devouring Orb.

Qin Wuyan, who was detoxified, sat with Ambassador Qinglong, who had always taken care of him, drinking together. Qin Wuyan said that he was saved thanks to Guili, so he wanted to ask him to drink together. Qinglong said Guili must be by Baguio’s side.

Guili accompanies Baguio and tells her his experience along the way. He wants to let Baguio always participate in his life in this way.

Song Daren told Master about his experience along the way. He wanted Master to know that Zhang Xiaofan had not changed. Tian Buyi felt that Qingyun hurt Xiaofan too deeply, and Xiaofan could no longer look back.

Xueqi and Jingyu Daren and Tian are not easy to wait for the heads to discuss matters. Lu Xueqi and Lin Jingyu both believe that the power of the Ten Thousand Poison Sect Changshengtang should have been incorporated by the ghost king, so the strength of the ghost king sect should continue to increase. The King of Ghosts and Mr. Ghost decided to go to Fenxiang Valley to retrieve the number of days, and then resurrect the beast god in the Shiwan Dashan.

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