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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 10 Recap

When Jingyu was arguing with Zhang Xiaofan, he heard Shushu and Xiaohuan’s call, and the two went. At this time, Bai Poison and Xiaohuan Shushu who were caught by the fish monster were tied together. Xiaohuan complained that Shushu didn’t want to do anything. Just like in Batu Caves, waiting for others to come, Xiaohuan’s unconscious words made Shushu recalled the days when he and Xiaofan fought side by side, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The poison god wants to take his disciples to the emperor’s treasure house. Qin Wuyan reminded the master that Bai Poison had been taken away by the fish monsters and his whereabouts are unknown, but the poison god didn’t care at all.

Jingyu and Xiaofan who arrived at the entrance of the cave, after watching the fish monster’s attributes, came to help and rescued Shushu and Xiaohuan. As before, Shushu took out the lonely hunger strike “Little Yellow Book” as a gift for seeing each other again to Xiao Fan. Shushu was afraid of waiting for Xiao Yi to arrive, so he fought Zhang Xiaofan and left with Xiaohuan to join Xiao Yicai and the others. Jingyu asked Xiaofan why he wanted to take the heavenly book.

Xiaofan explained that he just wanted Shenshui to resurrect Baguio. Jingyu didn’t know how to resolve Xiaofan’s obsession. The two were talking, and the poison god’s letter was delivered. It turned out that the poison god asked Qin Wuyan to plant a poisonous cloud gu on Jin Ping’er, attracting Guili and Lin Jingyu to come, detonate the gu on Jin Ping’er and defeat the three in one fell swoop.

Lin Jingyu and Guili arrived, Jin Ping’er shook their heads at the two of them from a distance. Lin Jingyu was worried that Guili’s miasma would not be solved and the shot would be damaged, so he rushed to Guili to fly in front of the poison god. Li also arrived. The two cooperated closely, paralyzing the poison god, and Qin Wuyan also took the opportunity to give Jin Ping’er the medicine to understand Gu.

When the poison god learned that Qin Wuyan had betrayed him, he knew that he could not beat the three of them and took his disciples to escape, and accidentally discovered the entrance to the treasure house of heaven and earth. Lin Jingyu, Guili, Qin Wuyan, and Jin Ping’er, who were chasing the Poison God, then rushed to find the entrance to the treasure house of heaven and earth. Together with the Qingyun disciples who came afterwards, everyone worked together to fight the Poison God.

All the mana released the poisonous snake. A golden light flashed, and a golden flamingo defeated the poisonous snake of the god of poison and flew to Guili’s shoulder. Shushu recognized Xiao Huang, and Xiaohuan knew that it was the nine-day god bird guarding the treasure house of heaven and earth. The fish monster turned into black energy came again at this time, and everyone temporarily repelled the fish monster. Gui Li asked Xiao Huang how to enter the treasure house of heaven and earth. As soon as the voice fell, the door of the treasure house of heaven and earth opened suddenly, and everyone even the fish monsters present entered it.

Guili took the wild dog, and under Xiao Huang’s instructions, followed the golden light and walked forward. When Shushu Xueqi and his entourage encountered the fish monster, when they struggled to resist, Jin Ping’er thought of Jingyu’s life-saving grace, and took Jingyu away. The two of them were in the tree hole, and Jin Ping’er persuaded Jingyu not to stop Guili again. Jingyu was also very entangled. He told Jin Ping’er that even if he didn’t do it himself, Senior Brother Xiao would do it. Lin Jingyu said that there were only two people present, so naturally he would not do anything to her, but when Senior Brother Xiao was also present, he would not be merciful anymore.

After speaking, Lin Jingyu left. Qin Wuyan, who had been following him all the time, walked out and told Jin Ping’er bluntly that he would not stop Guili, but he needed to cooperate with them to deal with the poison god, and he also needed the Gu mother of the poison god to detoxify his Gu poison. Jin Ping’er replied with two words and made a deal.

The trees in the cave want to protect the spiritual power of the heavenly book. Once they touch the branches, they will be entangled by the spreading branches. There are also ubiquitous fish monsters. There are many forces that need to be dealt with by everyone in the cave. Guili and the wild dog were accidentally entangled in branches, and Yan Hong and Li Xun who followed were also entangled in branches, and the four gradually lost consciousness. A very spiritual Xiaohui came to pass the news to Shushu.

Xueqi guessed that Zhang Xiaofan was in danger, so she rushed to the moving hole without any care, but was accidentally entangled in branches. Zhang Xiaofan, who was in a coma, heard Baguio calling himself. He woke up, cast his mana to get rid of the control of the branches, and rescued everyone.

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