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Shuttle Love Millennium (2016) 相爱穿梭千年2 Episode 21 Recap

Qilong was surprised that Sun Wei learned about Zhigang’s situation, and Lin Lin told him about Qilong’s birthday that night, and asked Qilong to persuade Sun Wei not to call herself again. Sun Weite called his father back and took out the DNA report, claiming that the person in front of him was not Qilong. Qilong tore the report directly, then pulled out his hair and let Sun’s father take it for himself to test once. Sun Wei was also a bit skeptical of his vows, so she showed Grandpa Qilong’s letter to grandfather. In terms of speech, she even mentioned grandma’s will. Father Sun believed in Qilong. He thought that Sun Wei was aiming for Qilong in order to fight for property.

Father Sun angrily accused Sun Wei of mischief. After all, Qi Long is the only heir of the Sun family. Sun Wei was sad. She did not deliberately aim at Qilong, nor did she disrespect her mother. Qi Long saw that Sun Wei was crying, and he couldn’t bear it, so he came to comfort Sun Wei, but Sun Wei blamed him for killing his mother. Qi Long couldn’t help but feel sad when he heard it. Whenever he had a birthday, he would think that his mother had killed herself. He has also been sad and blamed himself, but no one can understand him.

Sun Wei told Qilong that his mother was in poor health, and the doctor also warned her not to have children. But grandma disregarded her mother’s body and insisted that her mother have a son, claiming that Shiheng Group must be inherited to her son. Qi Long was very hit, he ran to the hospital to find grandma, but grandma was still in a coma. Qilong thought that he had made Feifei treat his grandson in 1936. He suspected that his own words made grandma insist on grandson.

In 1936, after Zhigang returned to Qingyue, he found Qilong writing in his book to let Zhigang go to watch mobile video. It turned out that Qilong specially recorded the video on the mobile phone before leaving, and put the mobile phone in the shoe box. Qilong advised Zhigang to encourage Ziyi to be an actor in the video, because Ziyi likes acting. Ziyi heard the sound and came over to check, but found the video in the phone. Ziyi was shocked by this. Zhigang told Ziyi all the things she had passed through. Ziyi realized that Qilong had been with him during this time, and it was him he liked. Ziyi ran to the balcony, and suddenly found the bracelet Qilong gave to herself on the ground, and the inside of the bracelet was also engraved with the words “love forever, Qilong”. Ziyi burst into tears. She had misunderstood him before and scolded him, but they missed it.

Zhigang saw that Ziyi liked Qilong. He blamed Qilong for acting impulsively. After all, he wouldn’t stay in this world, so why bother him. But think about it, why is it that you are not Lin Lin. When Lin Lin came back in 2016, Wang Siping was already drunk. Helen and Lin Lin helped Wang Siping back to the room. Lin Lin was very distressed to see him like this. She hoped that Grandpa would recover. Qilong wanted to change all this, so he planned to return to 1936 and persuade Feifei not to ask for grandchildren. At this time, Qi Long suddenly found that his hands became a little blurred, and even in the photo of the head of the grandmother’s bed, his figure began to blur.

In 1936, Ziyi missed Qilong while holding a bracelet, while Zhigang looked at Moonlight and remembered Lin Lin. In 2016, Qilong and Linlin also missed their loved ones. Ziyi revived, she apologized to Chen Xun for her previous gaffe, and hoped that Chen Xun could make the movie well so that people 80 years later could also see the drama. In the following studios, Zi Xun’s devoted and emotional performance made Chen Xun very satisfied. Ziyi claimed that she would bid farewell to her lover with the most beautiful smile, and she wanted to commemorate Qilong, and hoped that Qilong 80 years later would see her best state in this movie.

In 2016, Qilong still couldn’t bear the world. He didn’t want to die, and he planned to rejuvenate from today. He wanted to make grandma and mother proud of themselves. Lin Lin wanted to take Wang Siping to the hospital, but Wang Siping cried out and did not want to go. He worried that people in the hospital would give him a sedative. At this time Qilong came to Lin Lin, he wanted to find her to get the remaining marriage wine. But now Grandpa’s condition is complicated, so Lin Lin told him not to start marriage wine before Grandpa’s face. Lin Lin gave Qilong the remaining marriage wine. After Qilong learned that Grandpa was sick, he made a huge sum of money to Lin Lin. He wanted Lin Lin to use the money to treat Grandpa. When the two were drinking and chatting at night, Qilong told Lin Lin that Zhigang already had a fiancee, and the fiancee was beautiful and charming.

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