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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 35 Recap

With frequent losses on the front line, Alhatu was very anxious, and his physical condition began to deteriorate. Doro pretended to be defeated and his food was burned. After returning from the front, Wanyan Zeli asked him to blame the current situation on Alhatu’s unfavorable command and report to the king, himself Good to replace it. However, he still wanted to find Wunaxi and Li Ma, and once he found the living Wunaxi, he married her. At this time, because Ji’er’s injuries were getting more and more serious, Wunaxi decided to help her go out to find medicine.

Li Ma stayed to take care of Ji Er. Ji Er was worried that she was going to die, and expressed her affection to Li Ma. Li Ma asked her to persevere for herself. Wunaxi asked for herbs to help Ji’er detoxify. She misunderstood that the two liked each other and asked Li Ma to treat Ji’er well, but Li Ma said that she had misunderstood. Wunaxi told him to make a clear statement with Ji’er, not to accept neither. Do not refuse. Upon learning that Concubine Lu had hanged herself, the prince, Gui Concubine Qin and others immediately came to inquire. Qiuyue told them that Concubine Lu was depressed because she had not yet let go of Yudie’s being tied up on her behalf, so she lifted her and hanged her.

Gong Quanfu finds Yudie and cries to Yudie about Concubine Lu’s situation. Yudie decides to help Concubine Lu intercede in front of Zhao Yuanqing. Wusao thinks that the longer she stays in the palace, the more right and wrong, and she decides to leave after taking care of all the important things. At night, the prince simply comforted Concubine Lu and left indifferently. Concubine Lu was heartbroken. Yudie found the prince and told him that since he married these concubines, he should be responsible for them. Zhou Xiang also told Zhao Yuanqing to treat all the empresses kindly, and the prince should show her the birthday of Concubine Luo. Yudie asked Guier to give her congee to Concubine Lu.

Concubine Lu heard the noise outside, and only after asking Qiuyue did she know that Concubine Luo was firing cannons and gongs outside. She didn’t know that it was Concubine Luo’s birthday, and thought Concubine Luo was born. Setting off firecrackers while she was hanging was deliberately offending her, so he threw the porridge on the ground and asked Qiuyue to find out. Everyone was preparing for the birthday of Concubine Luo.

Qiuyue secretly hid outside Concubine Luo’s dormitory and peeped. She saw that the prince showed her love for Concubine Luo, so she immediately reported it to Concubine Lu, and Concubine Lu was so angry that she laughed and asked Qiuyue to prepare a gift , I want to attend Luo Fei’s birthday banquet. Concubine Lu complimented Yudie at the banquet.

The fifth sister-in-law felt that Concubine Lu was not well-intentioned, and told Yudie that she would leave immediately after saying goodbye to Concubine Qin. Yudie farewell to Concubine Qin, Gui Concubine Qin told her to make her the concubine Zhao Yuanqing for the sake of the Great Song Dynasty. Yudie refused in fear, and Concubine Qin did not force her to give her consideration.

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