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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 34 Recap

The news that Li Ma and Ji Er were dead quickly spread throughout the capital, and was made up by storytellers to tell the people. But in fact, the two of them did not die. After Li Ma woke up in the woods and wanted to take Ji Er to escape, Ji Er remained unconscious. Li Ma pulled out the arrow on her body and found that the arrow was poisonous. Ji’er sucked the blood from her shoulders for her, and Ji’er was temporarily out of danger. The two continued to rush in the woods, but from a distance they saw Wanyan Zeli looking for Wuna River in the woods.

Li Ma and Ji Er both hid themselves and escaped. After that, the two met Wu Naxi again and asked each other about their identities, but they refused to tell each other. Li and Ma didn’t know that this person was Alhatu’s palm pearl, Wu Naxi, and Wu Naxi didn’t know that Li Ma was jade. Die’s sweetheart Li Ma. In the night, Wu Naxi ran into two people again. She ate Li Ma’s roast chicken coated with mandala sauce and fainted. Li Ma took the opportunity to untie the rope and take Ji Er away. The next day, Li Ma and Ji Er, who were lost, ran into Unaxi again.

Unaxi decided to find a way out of the woods with the two. Unaxi told them that they were Alhatu’s daughter. So I thought that the Wanyanbing I met a few days ago must have come to her. After hearing this, Ji Er’s eyes were full of hatred, saying that Wunaxi’s father took the Great Song family killed by the Wanyan soldiers. She must be very proud of her. Wu Naxi told the two that she hated war very much, because she lost her mother in the war when she was nine years old, Li Ma and Ji Er felt a little sympathetic to her instantly.

After finishing the funeral for Li Ma, Yudie left the house for a long time. The fifth sister-in-law and the prince were extremely anxious. Wusao thought of going to the lake to find Yudie, but when she found it, she witnessed Yudie jumping off the cliff and committing suicide. Fortunately, Yudie was rescued by the crowd and finally woke up. Wusao asked why Yudie did this, but Yudie was more sad than her heart, and her reaction was very cold. When the lord saw Yudie doing this, he blamed himself very much. He asked Zhou Xiang to tell him what to do, but Zhou Xiang bluntly told him that he should care more about Concubine Luo. At this time, Concubine Luo doubted that Yudie was so kind and didn’t seem to have caused her miscarriage, and she missed Yudie a little.

Concubine Qin wanted to recognize Yudie as her righteous daughter, but Yudie refused. Concubine Qin stepped back and let Yudie stay with her for a few more days, but Yudie had to agree. When Concubine Lu learned about this, she was worried that Yudie would take away the favor of the prince, and she called Gong Quanfu to discuss countermeasures. Yudie and Wusao have decided to return to Hangzhou after Li Ma’s first seven. Concubine Qin was reluctant to leave Yudie, and suggested to the emperor that Yudie should be the concubine of Zhao Yuanqing.

She was seen by Concubine Lu on the way to the prince’s mansion to propose marriage. Concubine Lu learned that she was full of jealousy and pretended to hang herself and attracted the prince and Consort Qin Attention. Alhatu frequently targeted Wanyan Zeli, Wanyan Zeli sent his cronies to burn the grain and grass, and the previous failures of Doro were also indicated by Wan Yan Zeli, they thought

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