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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 33 Recap

Lin Jue finally agreed to let Li and Ma and his friends exchange hostages and to cooperate with them. He ordered the people to make a good plan and began to act. The plan went smoothly. They quickly rescued Concubine Qin and others. They fought with the enemy headed by Duo Luo. Zhao Yuanqing just arrived to meet the rescued people. After fighting for a long time, Duo Luo was defeated. Li Ma and Ji Er immediately chased them, but they were blocked by Wanyan Zeli.

The two would rather die than descend, accidentally falling off the cliff, life or death is unknown. Song Jun and Wanyan Jun sent soldiers to search for them, but to no avail. Concubine Qin, Concubine Luo, Yudie and others returned to Beijing first. Concubine Yudie and Wusao reunited. Concubine Lu also found Concubine Luo and Guifei Qin, worried that they would tell the prince the truth about the day they were tied up. The prince convicted her and pretended to be Fear and self-blame, they pretended to be pitiful in front of the two of them. When they saw this, they decided not to pursue the matter anymore, but Concubine Qin obviously valued and trusted Yudie more, and did not give Concubine Lu a good look.

Concubine Lu came to visit Yudie and gave her fruit. Concubine Luo also came to thank Yudie for her care in the enemy camp. She was surprised to see Concubine Lu, who had talked about Yudie in her place before, and wanted to stay. She talked more about Yudie, but she was taken away by Concubine Lu. Concubine Lu told Concubine Luo that Yudie might enter the palace in the future, and she must go to Yudie more now. After searching for a few days, the people of Wanyan found the clothes that Li Ma wore that day in the woods. They knew that Song Jun was observing the movement of the Wanyan barracks and used Li Ma’s clothes and fake Li Ma and Ji’er corpses to perform a play. ,

Wan Yanbing pretended to cheer that Li Ma was dead and burned the body, which made it difficult for Song Jun, who was investigating in the distance, not to believe that the two were dead. The little monkey who was also in it was excited to rush out for revenge, and was calm. Lin Jue stopped, and Lin Jue secretly vowed to avenge Li and Ma. When the news reached the capital, Zhao Yuanqing shed tears and blamed herself for harming them. He was worried that Yudie knew that the news was too sad, so he decided to tell Wusao about the matter first.

Wusao was extremely sad when she heard the news, but she did not want Yudie to know, but Yudie had heard that Li Ma was dead outside the door, and after confirming that she had heard it correctly, she fainted and did not eat or drink after waking up. Wusao left the room with an excuse. It was unbearable to go out. She cried bitterly and vomited blood. Wang Jixian passed by and saw it, but Wusao asked him to keep it secret. Unaxi hasn’t been found yet, Alhatu took away Yan Zeli’s token and asked him to find Unaxi and come back to life. If he could not find himself, he would take away his military power, and then Alhatu called Doro to ask if he Want to replace Yan Zeli as a general.

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