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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 32 Recap

When Li Ma was about to go on the expedition, Wusao and others would also go with him to take care of his diet. What the Wusao and others said was reasonable, and Li Ma had no choice but to agree. After rushing to the battlefield, Li Ma achieved the victory and defeated Alhatu. Alhatu came home in embarrassment. This was completely expected by Wanyanzeli. Wanyanzeli found Alhatu.

The two talked in the tent and was heard by Unaxi outside the account. Unaxi knew that Wanyanzeli wanted to replace his father and was angry. go away. After that, she persuaded Alhatu to go home with her, and she no longer wanted to marry Wanyan Zeli. Wanyan Zeli sent a letter to Zhao Yuanqing, telling him that if he did not see him come to Wanyan Daying to exchange hostages within 7 days, he would kill Concubine Qin, Zhao Yuanqing decided to go and exchange his mother and concubine.

Concubine Lu did not succeed in blocking, so she had to go to the emperor and ask the emperor to persuade Zhao Yuanqing. Zhao Yuanqing still made up his mind to set off for Wanyan Daying. Li Ma and others in the army learned of this, discussed countermeasures, and finally decided to let Li Ma pretend to be a prince and go to the Wanyan Barracks to replace them, and save the people before Wanyan recognized him. The crowd helped Li Ma find the prince’s outfit, and set off when he was ready.

Soon Concubine Qin and Concubine Luo also learned from Yudie that the prince was coming to exchange their affairs. Gui Concubine Qin knew that once the prince entered the Wanyan Camp, it would be over. She didn’t want to leave the great Song Dynasty with no queen, so she combined Yudie and Man He walked away, but he deceived the guarded Wanyan soldiers into the tent, intending to commit suicide by stealing a knife. After Yudie came out and found something was wrong, and Man He went back to the camp where they were imprisoned to check, and found that Concubine Qin wanted to die but failed.

For the unsuccessful thing, the two of them advised Concubine Qin to stop looking for shortsights for the prince. At this time, Al-Hatu disappeared after learning that Wunaxi had talked with Wanyan Zeli. He ordered Wanyan Zeli to retrieve Wunaxi, otherwise he was not allowed to return to the camp. Concubine Lu could not stop Zhao Yuanqing, so she had to find Gong Quanfu to find a way, and Gong Quanfu asked Concubine Lu to take care of the matter. He found Mongolian sweat medicine and told Concubine Lu that he would not be able to reach Wanyan Daying within 7 days as long as he let the prince sleep. Concubine Lu hesitated for a moment and then let him administer the medicine.

He brought the medicine soup to the prince. The prince was about to drink it When the guard reported that Wusao had come back, the prince put down the soup bowl without drinking it. The fifth sister-in-law told the prince not to exchange it by herself. Li Ma had already formulated a rescue plan. On the surface, the prince agreed not to go, but secretly set out with Zhou Xiang to support Li Ma. Unknowingly, Concubine Lu thought that the prince would not Go to the front again, so he is relieved. Li Ma, Little Monkey, and Ji Er’s plan were not informed to Lin Jue in advance. Lin Jue became furious after learning about his plan. He stopped them on the way to implement the plan and asked why they acted without authorization.

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