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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 31 Recap

When Zhao Yuanqing saw that Concubine Lu really admitted her mistake, she forgave her. Concubine Lu pretended to kneel for too long and was weak. Zhao Yuanqing helped her take a bath in the palace. He didn’t know Concubine Lu was only worried about falling out of favor. Concubine Lu pretended to faint and screamed after taking a bath without wearing clothes, which attracted the attention of the prince. After a long time she woke up and pretended to be guilty.

She wanted to be favored by Zhao Yuanqing again. Zhao Yuanqing saw her doing this, so he rested with her. Concubine Lu’s plan made initial progress, and she even planned to regain the favor of the prince while Yudie and Concubine Luo were away. She signaled that Qiuyue Palace Quanfu had lost its use value at this time and wanted to find a way to get rid of him first.

Li Ma sat alone in the courtyard thinking of Yudie who was abducted by the Wanyan people. Wusao saw him and comforted him. Li Ma believed that Yudie would return safely. However, at this time Wunaxi insisted on fighting Yudie, Duo Luo found Yudie and wanted to teach her, Wunaxi prevented him from saying that she wanted to play fair. The next day, the two of them competed for barbecue.

After the roast was finished, everyone judged. Duo Luo took all of his staff and stood on the side of Una Creek. Una Xi personally tasted it and found that Yudie should have won, and because the taste was very good. Familiar, began to doubt Yudie’s identity. In order to find a doctor for the fever of Concubine Luo, Yudie asked the guards to find Wunaxi, and Yudie and Wunaxi asked for medicine. In exchange for the secret recipe for barbecue, Wunaxi readily agreed. Yudie first took Wunaxi and Wanyanbing out to find the secret recipe of spices, and taught Wunaxi barbecue methods.

Wunaxi discovered that Yudie’s barbecue method was exactly the same as Wusao’s, so she discovered the relationship between Yudie and Wusao. , And immediately became friends with Yudie, and Yudie also naturally asked for medicine for Luo Fei from Wunaxi, which cured Luo Fei’s disease. Luo Fei saw that Yudie treated herself like this without prejudice. Die gradually changed his attitude. Zhao Yuanqing decided to attack Wanyan Daying. Wanyan Zeli and Alhatu disagreed. One advocated an exchange of hostages and the other advocated going to the camp to fight.

The two decided to do their own things, and Wu Naxi couldn’t stop her father from going out. We can only ask Wanyan Zeli to ensure the safety of Alhatu. Wanyan Zeli reassures her, but in fact, she doesn’t want Alhatu to come back alive. After becoming friends with Yudie, Wunaxi told Yudie to follow her closely to prevent others from bullying her. Yudie also kept trying to escape from the enemy camp. The fighting between the two armies was fierce. Lu Erbao was seriously injured. Zhao Yuanqing asked the emperor to add 50,000 troops to support him. Li Ma took the initiative to ask Ying to come and support him. The emperor named him General Mingwei and sent him to deal with Alhatu to open up the passage of food.

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