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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 26 Recap

Shen Yue didn’t want He Mulan to know the fact that Shen Shuhao was Zhou Dingyi, so she sent He Mulan a letter stating that Zhou Dingyi had passed away. In fact, what Shen Shuhao has done recently has made Mulan suspect that he is Zhou Dingyi. Shen Yue’s actions made Mulan suspect that he had been lying to herself. He Mulan accused Shen Yue of deceiving herself and threatened that she would never believe him again. Shen Yue was very sad, after all, He Mulan was the girl he loved with all his heart and wanted to protect her with heart.

The thoughtful Shen Shuhao discovered that the oil painting in Shen Muzhi’s office had been replaced. After inquiring about Uncle Lu, he learned that there had been no recent thefts in Taian Department Store. He speculated that it was the intention of Hou Ye and others. I checked the source of this new oil painting, hoping to find the original oil painting. When the old Liu who delivered food to the second floor was shopping for food, he accidentally saw someone who was like the person who knocked him out a long time ago and pretended to be the person who delivered food to the second floor.

It was on that day. , There was a drug case in the restaurant on the first floor. Old Liu quietly followed the mysterious man and heard the mysterious man say a word in Japanese. Old Liu went to Shen Shuhao and told him what he had seen and heard. Shen Shuhao took Lao Liu to He’s House. Lao Liu’s words proved that Shen Shuhao was not the one who caused He Shengtang’s suicide. The real murderer should be a Japanese. But He Mulan looked indifferent after listening to Lao Liu’s words.

She thought that even though Shen Shuhao was not her father-killing enemy, her father was dead. This is a fact that cannot be changed. Shen Shuhao knew that it was useless to say more, and left with Lao Liu, but when the two of them had just left Hefumen, Lao Liu was shot and killed by the Japanese in the distance. Shen Shuhao went to Ji Changan and asked him to help him find out the information about the middle-aged Japanese man currently in Shanghai.

He wanted to investigate one by one and find out the murderer of Lao Liu. Ishihara asked Shang Wanting to go out again. Shang Wanting was still absent-minded. Ishihara saw it in his eyes. He told Shang Wanting that her attitude could easily make the other party disheartened, but Shang Wanting was a little bit disheartened. I don’t care about his feelings. Ishihara is not angry about it. He is still very patient and gentle with Shang Wanting. He firmly believes that as long as he persists, one day he can have a place in Shang Wanting’s heart.

The next day, Ishihara appeared at Shang Wanting’s house as usual and asked Shang Wanting to go out. Under the pressure of Shang’s father, Shang Wanting had to agree to go out with Ishihara. At the temple fair, Shang Wanting met Shen Shuhao. Shen Shuhao pretended to be calm and greeted Shang Wanting. Shang Wanting was worried that Shen Shuhao would be jealous, but when she saw Shen Shuhao’s indifferent appearance, she was afraid that he would not care about himself and suddenly change. Very lost.

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