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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 25 Recap

As early as when he leaked Hou’s master to boss Huang, He Mulan guessed that Hou would send someone to assassinate herself. She arranged everything. When Hou’s subordinate Mazi arrived, she fled to the lively market, Mazi. No way to start. Shen Shuhao knew that Lord Hou was going to start with He Mulan and rushed to He Mansion to tell He Mulan, but Qu San, the housekeeper of the He family, did not believe what Shen Shuhao said and refused to let Shen Shuhao in. He Mulan, who had been preparing for a long time, led Mazi to the Arc de Triomphe.

At this time, Director Yuan and the policemen rushed to the Arc de Triomphe. Shen Shuhao came out of Hefu and saw Director Yuan and the police rushing to the Arc de Triomphe. Guessing that something happened to the Arc de Triomphe, immediately rushed to the Arc de Triomphe.

When Mazi’s machete was about to slash He Mulan, Shen Shuhao arrived in time and he blocked Mazi, but because Mazi had many helpers, they took He Mulan and left. Mazi took He Mulan as a hostage, ignored Shen Shuhao’s persuasion, and was shot and killed by Director Yuan. It turned out that He Mulan spent 500,000 yuan in remuneration for Director Yuan to rescue herself, and removed the right arm of Mazi and other masters.

Shen Shuhao wanted to persuade He Mulan that he didn’t have to kill him in this way to deal with Lord Hou, but He Mulan eloquently expressed his opinion, which made Shen Shuhao feel that the cruel and cruel He Mulan in front of him and the innocent and kind He Mulan in his own memory are already quite different. Two people. Qu San told Shen Yue about He Mulan’s daytime experience. Shen Yue came to He Mulan worriedly. He didn’t expect that He Mulan didn’t take Shen Yue’s concern at heart, but also blamed Qu San, asking him not to talk about his own things in the future.

Things told Shen Yue. Ishihara asked Shang Wanting to meet. Shang Wanting looked very worried. Ishihara took Shang Wanting to the western restaurant. The waiter brought a piece of crabapple lotus seed cake. Shang Wanting was surprised when she saw it because it was the same as Shen Shuhao did. Just like her own, she rushed to the kitchen and saw Shen Shuhao who was thanking the chef.

Shang Wanting burst into tears as soon as she saw Shen Shuhao, and Shen Shuhao comforted her that there must be a day when they can be together again. The business war between China and Japan intensified, and Shen Shuhao recovered Taian and continued to search for the whereabouts of the vein map. He Mulan received a letter from the Northeast and learned that Zhou Dingyi had been cured in the hospital at the time.

She thought of Shang Wanting and told herself excitedly that the current Shen Shuhao, whose real name is Zhou Dingyi, decided to act in a play for Shen Shuhao looked and tested his reaction. He Mulan asked Shen Shuhao to meet. Shen Shuhao arrived as scheduled. When he was about to get out of the car, he saw He Mulan was taken away by someone with a mask. He hurriedly chased after him, chasing a small forest, and saw Mulan being masked to the tree. on.

Shen Shuhao thought that the person who kidnapped He Mulan belonged to Hou Ye. The masked man asked Shen Shuhao if he was willing to brave his own life in exchange for He Mulan’s life, Shen Shuhao did not comment. no. The masked man kept asking Shen Shuhao questions. While answering, Shen Shuhao approached him while the masked man was not paying attention, took the gun from her hand, and untied her veil, only to realize that the masked man was He Mulan.

I did this to know the true identity of Shen Shuhao, but Shen Shuhao was unwilling, so he turned and left. On the way back, Shen Shuhao was full of emotions. He knew that he was no longer Zhou Dingyi. In his heart, he was Shang Wanting’s husband. For Mulan, he was more compassionate and sympathetic.

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