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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 24 Recap

Hou Ye’s subordinate Mazi and boss Huang’s people clashed, and the domineering Mazi relied on Hou Ye and didn’t save any face for Huang boss. Boss Huang saw that Mazi was bullying, so he took Mazi back to serve him according to the rules of the gang. Master Hou knew that Boss Huang was slapping himself in the face by hitting Mazi, but he still bit the bullet and went to Boss Huang personally. Boss Huang informed the bosses of the lobby to have a meeting. Master Hou asked Boss Huang in public at the meeting.

As Boss Huang’s subordinate, Shen Shuhao opened his mouth for Boss Huang, saying that Master Hou could take away the pock on the condition that he took the cigarette from Hongkou Regarding the exchange of business with the casino, Master Hou had no choice but to agree, but he took a breath in his heart. Sato, who had cooperated with Hou Ye, knew that Boss Huang had explicitly forbidden the Qing Gang to cooperate with the Japanese, so he persuaded Hou Ye to get rid of Boss Huang, but Hou Ye refused, because in Hou Ye’s heart, there was still a bit of justice.

Sato used this to make the boss misunderstand Hou Ye, who mistakenly thought that Hou Ye wanted to reverse himself. Shen Shuhao took the opportunity to suggest Mr. Huang to close part of Hou Ye’s business and weaken his power. Under Sato’s provocation, Lord Hou thought that Boss Huang did not believe him, so he decided to get rid of Boss Huang. When Boss Huang went to the Arc de Triomphe, he sent a sharpshooter to shoot Boss Huang.

Shen Shuhao, who was next to Boss Huang, knew very well that the conflict between Boss Huang and Lord Hou was provoked by the Japanese, but Shuhao Shen did not intend to help Boss Huang understand things, but just watched the changes. Under Shen Shuhao’s reminder, Boss Huang knew that Lord Hou would send someone to assassinate himself at the Arc de Triomphe, so he planned a play with Shen Shuhao. At the Arc de Triomphe, Lord Hou’s men saw the “Boss Huang” passing by and hurriedly fired and killed Boss Huang.

The thief on the side was difficult to catch the thief and clamored for the murderer, but what he did not expect was that the real Huang’s boss walked out from the backstage, and Hou Ye’s conspiracy was dismantled, so he had to shoot and escape. Boss Huang issued an order to kill the whole arena, and Hou Ye was forced to go to help him. He didn’t know that his predicament today was caused by Sato. Sato deliberately refused to answer Hou Ye’s call.

The Lord Hou had no choice but to ask He Mulan for money, but he was ridiculed by He Mulan. Ji Changan discovered that the bullet used by the man who assassinated Huang Boss was the same as the bullet used by the man who killed Bi Haishan, which was unique to the Japanese military. He told Shen Shuhao of his discovery. Shen Shuhao immediately took the bullets to the current helper of the Hanshui Gang, Chai Qi, and relayed Ji Changan’s findings to Chai Qi.

After analysis, Chai Qi thought that Shen Shuhao’s words were reasonable and ordered the Hanshui Gang to chase down Hou Ye. He Mulan has always been upset about the difficulties Hou Ye made before. She told her whereabouts to Boss Huang. Boss Huang was very happy and gave most of the business managed by Hou Ye to He Mulan, except for Tai’an.

Shen Shuhao learned The whereabouts of Lord Hou, went alone, saved Lord Hou’s life under the knife, and wanted to let Lord Hou return Tai’an to himself on this condition. Master Hou learned that He Mulan had leaked his hiding place, and told Shen Shuhao that he would not forgive those who betrayed him. Master Hou, who had always been retributable, sent a killer to chase He Mulan.

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