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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 23 Recap

Shen Shuhao and his classmates studied the public debt together, and believed that Hou Ye’s steady profit in the stock market must be because he knew the inside information and was maliciously manipulating the stock market. In the stock market, Shen Shuhao saw that many people lost their fortunes, but Hou Ye made a lot of money. Shen Shuhao decided to use the public debt to make a lot of money, so that he could regain the Taian Company.

Shen Shuhao didn’t want to hurt the innocent people, so he had to go to Hou Ye to inquire inside information. He Mulan kept the Taian company in good order. She wanted to take the opportunity to make a request to Hou Ye to return to Daxin Company, but Hou Ye refused her again. The lost He Mulan went to Shen Yue, and Shen Yue suggested He Mulan to investigate Hou Ye The public debt was quarreled, because there must be a lot of things behind Hou Ye’s public debt. Shen Shuhao Design heard the conversation between Hou Ye and Sato, and then he approached Lawyer Xiao to help translate.

With the help of Lawyer Xiao, Shen Shuhao learned that what Hou Ye and Sato said was a piece of political information. Shen Shuhao decided to sell the shoe factory and invest the money in the stock market to make a fortune from it. Knowing that Shen Shuhao was going to sell the shoe factory, Hou Ye sent someone to make trouble, making the price of the shoe factory very low. Shang Wanting has been worried about Shen Shuhao, ask Ishihara for help, Ishihara promised to help, and then Ishihara came to the auction market as scheduled and bought the shoe factory.

Shen Shuhao and the Japanese have a vengeance of killing their mother. He has not yet found who those people are. He is unwilling to sell the shoe factory to the Japanese, but he has to abide by the rules of the auction house and has to follow the rules.

The shoe factory was sold to the Japanese. In the stock market, there are rumors that the sale of US dollar bonds will be suspended. Shen Shuhao wanted to remind everyone not to trust others, but these anxious investors couldn’t listen. Shen Shuhao knew everything he had to do, but the biggest obstacle was Lord Hou. Shen Shuhao asked Major Gu to help deal with Lord Hou, and Major Gu thought of Boss Qingbang Huang.

Because Boss Huang is in the gang, no one is allowed to cooperate with the Japanese, but Master Hou hides Boss Huang from cooperating with Sato, and Boss Hou is murderous against Boss Huang. Major Gu took Shen Shuhao to see Boss Huang.

Under Major Gu’s persuasion, Boss Huang weighed the pros and cons, reviewed the situation, and agreed that Shen Shuhao would join the Youth Gang and worship him. But Hou Ye learned that Boss Huang agreed with Shen Shuhao to join the Qing Gang and hurried back to the Qing Gang to ask Boss Huang why he did it.

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