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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 22 Recap

Secretary Wang forced He Mulan to obey herself on the condition of the customs clearance. Panicked He Mulan forced herself to calm down. She pretended to obey and tricked Secretary Wang to take a bath. Taking advantage of Secretary Wang’s time to take a bath, He Mulan tried every means to escape. The door was locked by Secretary Wang. Mulan had no choice but to jump out of the window and escape. After the shower, Secretary Wang returned to the room. Without seeing He Mulan, he went out and chased him. He caught up with He Mulan who had not gone far. Secretary Wang wanted to catch He Mulan back, and He Mulan resisted desperately.

Fortunately, Shen Yue, who had discovered Secretary Wang’s whereabouts, arrived in time. He threatened Secretary Wang that if he didn’t let He Mulan go, he would expose tonight’s affairs. Secretary Wang was forced to let Shen Yue take He Mulan away, but he I was very dissatisfied with He Mulan. Director Gao sent someone to the wharf to check the goods and detained He Mulan’s batch of red wine because he did not have a customs permit.

Master Hou took the opportunity to persecute He Mulan and asked her to surrender the management rights of the terminal on the grounds that He Mulan was not good at business. He Mulan found the well-known lawyer Xiao in Shanghai and asked her for help. Attorney Xiao found a loophole in the contract and went to court the French. And Shen Yue, holding the evidence of Secretary Wang’s corruption, threatened him to surrender the customs clearance permit.

He Mulan handed over the customs clearance permit to Lawyer Xiao. Lawyer Xiao negotiated with the French to withdraw the complaint against He Mulan and continue to cooperate. Shen Shuhao and Ji Changan, who returned to Shanghai, went to the scene of the murder of Bi Haishan to check the situation. There they found the cartridge case of the sniper rifle that was only suitable for long-range use left by the murderer.

Both Ji Changan and Shen Shuhao felt that the person most suspected of Bi Haishan’s death was Lord Hou. After all, when Bi Haishan died, the biggest beneficiary was Hou Ye. Knowing that Ji Changan was investigating the death of Bi Haishan, Hou Ye once again threatened Director Yuan with Director Yuan’s son and asked him to prevent Ji Changan from further investigating the case. Director Yuan asked Ji Changan to patrol the street to look at the gate. Ji Changan was very angry with Director Yuan, who was both good and evil, and said angrily that he would resign.

Shen Shuhao went to Uncle Lu and discussed with Uncle Lu how to make a comeback. Uncle Lu thought the public debt was a good way. Shen Shuhao went to find his former classmates, wanting to learn more about the public debt, but he did not expect Director Yuan to appear suddenly and come to Shen Shuhao for trouble.

The person Shen Shuhao rescued in Hangzhou Zhanyi showed up. It turned out that the person was a major Gu in the army. He came forward to settle Director Yuan. Subsequently, Major Gu, who had a good personal relationship with the mayor, took advantage of his relationship with the mayor and appointed Ji Changan as the chief inspector, and Director Yuan had to follow his orders.

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