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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 21 Recap

Ever since He Mulan embarked on the road of revenge, she has been in conflict and entanglement. She is kind by nature and feels sorry for Shen Yue, because her heart has already been occupied by Zhou Dingyi, and she consciously cannot afford Shen Yue’s treatment of her. Good. Shen Yue knew that Mulan was struggling and sad, but he didn’t know what to do, so he could only accompany He Mulan silently. He Mulan went to find Master Hou, wanting to return to her father’s Daxin company, but the scheming Master Hou saw through He Mulan’s mind at a glance and refused He Mulan’s request.

He arranged for He Mulan to go to work in Tai’an Company. The newly appointed He Mulan wanted to convene a board of directors, but she did not expect that all the directors did not take her into consideration. He Mulan, the new official, checked all the accounts of the Tai’an company and learned that the managers of the purchasing department and the sales department were full of private pockets and eaten up with rebates, and asked Hou Ye to remove the managers of these two departments. The manager of the sales and purchasing department was dissatisfied after being removed by He Mulan.

He said in front of Master Hou that He Mulan was not the case, and even provoke the discord. He added the jealousy that He Mulan would not put Master Hou in his eyes. In a fit of anger, Master Hou asked his subordinates to kill the two managers. Then, Master Hou asked his subordinate Mazi to make things difficult for He Mulan, and frustrated her spirit to prevent her from putting herself in the eye.

Under Shang Fu’s persecution, Shang Wanting was not allowed to meet with Ishihara, but when I was having dinner with Ishihara, Shang Wanting thought it was Shen Shuhao, so she appeared absent-minded, but Ishihara didn’t care about it. He was waiting for Shang Wanting to accept herself. A French businessman bought a batch of red wine in Shanghai and wanted to ship it to Japan, but the ship was damaged accidentally and had to stop at the wharf for maintenance.

Shen Yue suggested that He Mulan, who is learning to do business, buy the batch of red wine from the French, because at this time, the French will definitely sell it at the reserve price in order to get rid of it early. He Mulan negotiated with the French. The French agreed to sell the wine to He Mulan, but he also told He Mulan bluntly that this batch of wine does not have customs procedures and needs to be handled by He Mulan as soon as possible. If there is an accident due to formalities, then He Mulan Three times the compensation must be paid.

He Mulan and Shen Yue discussed the matter, and Shen Yue thought that the procedure was not difficult, and a treaty could be signed with the French. He Mulan followed Shen Yue’s suggestion, but also began to jump into the trap set by Hou Ye.

In order to go through the customs clearance documents, He Mulan went to the Secretary Wang who had been in contact with him, but Secretary Wang had a bad idea and took He Mulan to his villa with bad intentions. Shen Yue discovered that Secretary Wang had left with He Mulan. Sensitive, he realized that the situation was not right, so he planned to obtain Secretary Wang’s whereabouts.

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