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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 30 Recap

Thinking of the strategy, Li Ma immediately implemented it. He asked the little monkey to give wine to Wanyanbing, and the little monkey pretended to ask for money from Wanyanbing, but the brutal Wanyanbing forced the little monkey to drink wine, and the little monkey pretended Sleeping on the ground drunk, Wan Yanbing woke him up and asked him to get some more wine. At this time, Wang Jixian and Guier’s transfer of flying pigeons to Yudie was intercepted by Wanyan people. Wanyan people tried to break the original meaningless letter, so naturally they had no clue.

After Yudie learned, In exchange for making soup for the imperial concubine Qin, Yan Zeli can solve it. When Concubine Qin and Concubine Luo finished their soup, General Wanyan, Duo Luo, came to make things difficult again. He asked Yudie to use the four poems he had brought with him. Yudie solved his problem with random changes. Qin Guifei gave Yudie even more attention. It is impressive. It was getting dark, and the little monkey pushed the car to bring the wine again. Li Ma and Ji Er hid under the car and got into the Wanyan Camp.

After a few people searched for a long time, no concubine found out where they were locked up. Li Ma was anxious and accidentally exposed. Wanyan Zeli led the soldiers to surround them and ordered them to be taken away. The three of them risked their lives to escape and returned to the capital to report the situation. Zhao Yuanqing thought that if she did not come forward, she would definitely not be able to save the mother and the concubine, so she decided to exchange it with herself. Wanyan Zeli once again lost the opportunity to catch Li Ma and was very angry.

He called Yudie to let Li Ma submit to him through Yudie, but Yudie never became a subjugated slave, which made Wanyan Zeli even more angry. The emperor’s health was a little better, so he summoned officials to discuss the matter. The official minister, Luo Mingzhao, volunteered to come to Wanyan Daying to negotiate a peace. The emperor should play. But Luo Mingzhao and his party came to Wanyan Daying but were arrested by Wanyan Zeli, preparing to burn to death.

Luo Mingzhao wanted to see Song Yudie before he died, but Yudie was brought by Duo Luo, but Luo Mingzhao told her that her last wish before death was to eat the smoked white strips made by Yudie. Yudie promised to help him make iron carp instead. Wan Yan Zeli raised his interest and wanted to taste it. After using Yan Zeli’s bloody knife, Yudie’s grilled fish was rotten. Wanyan Zeli teased her about her cooking skills, but Yudie said it was a knife problem and bet with Wan Yan Zeli that if you use Lord Luo, it’s not bloody.

The angry knife, the fish will not rot, so let a few people go, if it rots, they are willing to die. In the end, Yudie won the bet, and Wanyan Zeli released Lord Luo and the others as promised, admiring Yudie’s wit. Luo Ming recalled the matter and reported the matter to the prince, who admired Yudie’s courage. Concubine Lu came to visit the prince, but the prince turned her away, Concubine Lu decided to kneel to the prince to forgive herself. Wanyan Zeli had a good impression of Yudie and wiped her sweat while Yudie was cooking. This scene was seen by Wunaxi, who was jealous and clamored to fight Yudie.

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