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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 29 Recap

After the meal, Concubine Lu came to Wusao alone to speak and asked her why Yudie was so beautiful. Wusao was guilty and said that because she had been in the country for many years, Yudie had grown up eating beauty dishes. Concubine Lu believed that she was true. This dispelled the doubt about Yudie’s life experience. Li Ma and Yudie are about to get married soon, and they go out to play at night, and they promise a lifetime.

Gong Quanfu took advantage of the darkness to come to the new contact point Renhe Pharmacy and handed the latest information to the treasurer Yan. With Gong Quanfu as a traitor, the information that Guifei Qin and others were going to Xiangguo Temple to pray for blessings was quickly delivered to Wanyan Zeli. Alhatu and Wanyan Zeli decided to act on the day when everyone went to pray. The wedding is about to be big. Wusao is worried that Li Ma will not be able to return to Hangzhou after his marriage. The court will need him, but Yudie knows the righteousness and tells Wusao that if the country is not safe as the “everyone”, then neither will their little family Will be happy.

On the other side, Li Ma excitedly changed into the groom’s costume and showed Ji Er. Ji Er always liked him silently, her face was very unhappy, but Li Ma, who regarded her as a brother, could not see her thoughts. Immediately at the end of July, the concubine Qin and his entourage came to Xiangguo Temple to pray for blessings.

At this time, Wanyan soldiers pretended to enter the temple and incense, and had a dispute with the guards. Many Wanyan soldiers took advantage of the chaos to enter Xiangguo Temple and killed all the way The hall where everyone prayed. In a critical moment, Yudie asked Concubine Lu to take off her clothes and put on Concubine Lu’s clothes as Zhao Yuanqing’s concubine. Together with Concubine Luo and Gui Concubine Qin, they were abducted by the Wanyan people. On the road, the Song army who came to rescue them was taken The Wanyan army was completely annihilated, and the three Yudie people heard the news, and their hope of escape was shattered.

The three were taken to Wanyan Daying. Wanyan Zeli left Yudie alone. It turned out that Yudie made some meals for him because he missed the food he had eaten in Hangzhou. Knowing that the three were taken away, the palace was in chaos, Zhao Yuanqing asked Concubine Lu why the statusless Jade Butterfly would be taken away, Concubine Lu couldn’t help but to tell the truth, Zhao Yuanqing immediately went away in anger. After discussing for a long time, everyone finally decided to let Li Ma, Little Monkey and Ji Er go to rescue. The three arrived outside the camp for investigation.

They saw that Wanyan Day Camp was heavily guarded and decided to find another opportunity. So they went to the people’s home to take a rest. Li Ma accidentally learned that Wanyan Bing often went to the people’s home to grab alcohol and drink while chatting with the people. There is a plan in mind. But at this time Wanyan Zeli used Yudie as a bargaining chip, and wanted to marry her to Alhatu, who was greedy for the beauty of Yudie.

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