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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 28 Recap

The prince and Li Ma kept on rushing, and they didn’t think that Wanyan people would be perfidy. At this time, Song Jun caught the Wanyan spy and learned that Wanyan Jun was going to ambush the prince. Zhou Xiang immediately set out to protect the prince when he knew it, and Gong Quanfu had to follow him because he had no good intentions. Wu Niang and Yudie soon learned of this, and they were very worried about Li Ma’s safety. Li Ma and the prince rested for a while and continued on the road. When they reached a place, Li Ma felt that something was wrong. They dismounted to check.

Suddenly, a rain of arrows struck. Many people in black also rushed up. The entire army was wiped out. When Zhou Xiang and Lin Jue arrived, Li Ma and the prince had already escaped without a trace. After escaping a long way, Li Ma thought that the two should hide first before making any plans. When they were hiding, they heard a conversation between the soldiers of Wanyan and Zhao Yuanqing, who learned of the true face of Wanyan Zeli, realized that the strategy of peace talks would not work.

Gong Quanfu pretended to fall from a horse and fainted and was rescued by Ji Er. Ji Er took him to the Jinshuiguan camp. She and the little monkey went out looking for Li and Ma, while Gong Quanfu stayed in the military camp. Gong Quanfu sneaked out to meet with Wanyan Zeli. They were killed because of the details of the previous intermediary contact. They changed their contact method. Wanyan Zeli promised him that if he could provide more valuable information, he would remove his belongings.

Unexpected surprise outside. Li Ma and Zhao Yuanqing fled to a private house. The few people who came out looking for them quickly arrived and sent them back to Song Ying safely. After a short break, the two set off back to the capital, while Wanyan Zeli returned to the Wanyan army camp like a defeated rooster. He once again offered to Alhatu to make him deny that he had done such a villain thing, and waited for the Song people to come to negotiate a peace. Unable to know the safety of Li Ma, Yudie has been unable to stay away for a day, and Wusao also prays that the two can return safely.

At night, Yudie couldn’t sleep and sat in the pavilion, and Concubine Lu came to show her concern. At this time, Li Ma and the prince had already reported the matter to the emperor, and the emperor was furious, saying that there would be no more intentions for peace. Li Ma is good at guarding the prince, and the emperor intends to reward him, while the imperial concubine Qin wants to help Li Ma and Yudie officiate in the marriage. The next day, Zhao Yuanqing and Li Ma returned to the house, and the Wusao family reunited again. Once again, everyone planned to go back to Hangzhou to rebuild Tianxiang Tower.

Before Wusao left, Wang Jixian tried his best to woo Wusao. Wusao poured cold water on him every time and asked him to give up. The prince told Concubine Lu and Concubine Luo that Li Ma and Yudie’s marriage would soon be arranged. The two empresses looked at each other, and the prince didn’t seem to be unhappy. After preparing the banquet in the evening, Concubine Lu found that Yudie’s eyebrows were similar to those of Concubine Qin, and she felt that Concubine Qin had always liked Yudie, and some doubted the relationship between Yudie and Concubine Qin, so she wanted to try it out.

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