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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 27 Recap

Concubine Lu and Concubine Luo gather together. Concubine Lu pretends to care about Concubine Luo and scares her by using Concubine Luo’s previous abuse of Yudie, saying that the prince values ​​Yudie. If you know Concubine Luo’s abuse of Yudie, you will definitely give birth to Concubine Luo. Angry, and promised that Concubine Luo would help her say some pleading words in front of the prince.

After that, Concubine Lu ran to Yudie to pretend to be a good person. Guier thought Concubine Lu had no good intentions to make Yudie guard Concubine Lu. Lu Erbao came to the palace to find his sister Lu Fei. Concubine Lu added more energy and said that Li Ma had robbed his brother of the limelight and asked his brother to compete with Li Ma and Lin Jue in front of the emperor.

Lu Erbao immediately provoked at the banquet, and Li Ma took the move. After the two tied, Zhao Yuanqing stopped them. However, Lu Erbao insisted on dividing the victory and defeat. Li Ma had to continue to accompany him. In the end, Li Ma threw Lu Erbao to the ground over the shoulder, the emperor. He hurriedly finished the game and asked Li Ma to show off his magical arm bow. Lu Erbao suffered a loss and was very unhappy. Yudie, Li Ma, and Wu Niang plan to pack their bags and return to Tianxiang Tower. Wu Niang plans to let them get married when they go back.

At this time, Gong Quanfu communicated with the enemy and sent a message to the Wanyan people that the Jinshuiguan Master was receiving the reward in the capital. The Wanyan people got the news and acted immediately. The emperor learned that the Wanyan people had sent troops again and appointed Lin Jue as deputy general Lu Erbao. The two were responsible for the battle. Lin Jue found Li Ma and asked him to join him on the battlefield to meet the enemy.

Li Ma understood the righteousness and agreed to this matter. Wu Niang and Yudie also believed that national affairs should be the top priority, so they continued to stay in the palace and wait for Li. When the horse returns, Wang Jixian is very pleased to learn that Wusao will not leave for the time being. Wusao stayed in the palace, and Wang Jixian tried his best to pursue her. Wusao was helpless and asked Wang Jixian to fight with herself.

If Wang Jixian lost, he would not like her anymore, Wang Jixian readily agreed. The two asked each other questions and finished them in three sticks of incense time. During the period, the two refused to give each other, time passed quickly, and both of them finished their dishes, but Wang Jixian was disappointed to lose to Wusao, and had to bet. Emperor Song called the ministers to discuss the war.

The ministers agreed to negotiate a peace. Zhao Yuanqing decided to take Li Ma. He told Lin Jue if he and Li Ma had an accident, Lin Jue would make another move. Li Ma said goodbye to Yudie and Wu Niang. Then set off. Wanyan Zeli, who kept getting news from Gong Quanfu, decided to set up an ambush on the way Zhao Yuanqing arrived, intending to let Zhao Yuanqing die on the road to peace talks and plant the money on the bandits.

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