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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 26 Recap

Wusao went back to the palace and talked with Guier, and talked about whether Yudie had offended anyone in the palace. Guier told her the true situation of Yudie in the palace. Wusao told her that women’s jealousy was terrible. The two were chatting on Xing. Wusao was led out by outside movements. She found Wang Jixian based on clues. Wang Jixian secretly expressed her feelings to Wusao, but Wuniang teased him to leave. Zhou Xiang finally found the person who made the grimacing mask.

He didn’t want to but was killed by Gong Quanfu. Gong Quanfu also planted the matter on Zhang Qiao, the maidservant of the palace with the masked men’s private club. Zhou Xiang speculated that there were some in the palace. The insider, and continued the investigation based on the evidence forged by Gong Quanfu at the scene. Zhou Xiang informed the prince of the results of his investigation and inferred that the incident was the same as the poisoning. Wang Jixian recognized that the fabric left on the scene was dressed by the cook, and Zhao Yuanqing decided to investigate in the cook.

At this time, Concubine Qin found the prince and asked why Yudie was targeted everywhere. Zhao Yuanqing told Concubine Qin that he did not believe that Yudie was such a person, and also said about the great achievements of Yudie’s family. Qin Guifei decided to see the fifth sister-in-law. Wusao was summoned into the palace, and Qin Guifei heard what she said and promised her to re-investigate the case, silently hoping that her daughter who was living among the people could meet such a great mother as Wusao.

The emperor urgently summoned Lu Erbao to return to Beijing, intending to reward Li Malinjue and others, including him. The emperor named Lu Erbao the second-rank hussar general, Lin Jue as the third-rank general Zhende, Li Ma as the fourth-rank Mingwei general, and Little Monkey as the fifth-rank school lieutenant. However, Li Ma didn’t want to be appointed as an official.

The emperor reluctantly agreed, but told him to be enlisted. Li Ma accidentally learned from the emperor that Yudie had committed the murder, and was very anxious. At this time, Zhao Yuanqing met with the sage and asked the emperor to let Li Ma see Yudie and let Li Ma and his mother reunite first. Li Ma and Yudie finally met. The two of them wept in tears and complained to each other. Yudie worried that she could not be repaid and could no longer accompany Li Ma. Li Ma comforted her and the truth would come to light. Zhou Xiang and Wang Jixian came to the kitchen to observe everyone’s clothing to investigate the truth.

They finally found that Zhang Qiao’s clothes were abnormal, and then went into her room to investigate. A court lady also reported that Zhang Qiao’s behavior was different, and Zhou Xiang took Zhang Qiao’s behavior. Caught for interrogation, Zhang Qiao clan told the facts, Zhou Xiang reported that the prince Zhang Qiao clan should not be the real murderer, and Yudie must be innocent.

The prince decided to release the news and killed the “true murderer” Zhang Qiao, and released Yudie from prison. Knowing that Yudie was released, Concubine Lu asked Gong Quanfu to take the opportunity to remove Yudie, while Concubine Luo wanted Yudie to pay for her life and was stopped by Zhou Xiang. Yudie finally reunited with Wuniang and Li Ma. Li Ma promised that Yudie would never leave her again. Wang Jixian also frequently found opportunities to hint to Wusao.

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