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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 20 Recap

Shang Wanting returned to Shanghai. Shang Wanting, who wanted to save Shen Shuhao, reluctantly agreed to her father’s terms and married Ishihara. In exchange, her father wanted to save Shen Shuhao and wash away his grievances. After listening to the nurse’s explanation, He Mulan became more and more convinced that Zhou Dingyi might not die.

Shen Yue didn’t want He Mulan to be annoyed by the past, so he secretly asked Yun Shisan to stuff a fake document in the hospital. He Mulan saw the document and mistakenly thought that Zhou Dingyi was really dead. Mulan wanted to leave, to a place where no one could find her. Afterwards, Shang Wanting went to Ji Changan again and asked him for help, so that Shen Shuhao arrived in Shanghai safely. Shang Wanting’s worries are not unreasonable.

As soon as Shen Shuhao returned to Shanghai, he was found by the Hanshui Gang. Ji Changan tried his best to rescue Shen Shuhao from the Hanshui Gang, but he did not expect that Shen Shuhao was again by Hou. Master took it away. Shang Wanting panicked when she learned that Lord Hou had taken Shen Shuhao away, and asked her father to rescue Shen Shuhao on the condition that she did not marry Shiyuan. Shangfu had no choice but to negotiate with Lord Hou.

Father Shang played both soft and hard, Hou Ye agreed to let Shen Shuhao go, and also promised to help Shen Shuhao mediate the conflict with the Hanshui Gang. Lord Hou asked Chai Bangzhu, the new leader of the Hanshui Gang to meet with Shen Shuhao. Shen Shuhao bluntly confessed that he was not the murderer who killed Bi Haishan, but after all, the Hanshui Gang lost the gang leader, so he was willing to pay the Hanshui Gang one million. To show your sincerity.

After dealing with the Hanshui Gang, Shen Shuhao rushed home impatiently, wanting to see Shang Wanting, but unexpectedly received Shang Wanting’s divorce agreement. Shang Wanting did not deceive Shen Shuhao, and told Shen Shuhao the truth. Shen Shuhao said that she did not want Shang Wanting to make such a sacrifice for herself, but Shang Wanting insisted on her decision. She knew clearly how important Shen Shuhao’s safety was to her.

Shen Shuhao had no choice but to sign the divorce agreement. Shang Wanting asked Shen Shuhao to sell the shoe factory he had previously given to him, so that on the one hand, he could pay the one million negotiated with the Hanshui Gang, and the remaining money could help him make a comeback. He Mulan, who was far in the northeast, received a letter from Uncle Qu, the housekeeper of the He family. From this, she knew that Shen Shuhao was not dead, and she did not know whether she was happy or worried.

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