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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 19 Recap

Father Shang did not take into account Shang Wanting’s resistance, knowing that Ishihara was conscious of Shang Wanting, and arranged a meal specially for Shang Wanting and Ishihara to meet. Shang Wanting deliberately pretended to be very rude, but Ishihara was not at all. Mind.

After the meal, Father Shang blamed Shang Wanting for being rude. Shang Wanting no longer wanted to argue with her father. She told her father that she was going to the Shenjia old house in Hangzhou to trace the whereabouts of the treasure. Shang’s father agreed. In fact, Shang Wanting went to Hangzhou not only to trace the whereabouts of the treasure, but more importantly, she wanted to find Shen Shuhao.

Shang Wanting lived in the old house of Shenjia in Hangzhou. She accidentally came to a restaurant and unexpectedly found that the taste of the Begonia lotus seed cake in this store was exactly the same as the Begonia lotus seed cake Zhou Dingyi had made for herself. Shang Wanting called the boss and said that he wanted to see the chef of this restaurant.

The chef named Fatty came out, and Shang Wanting was very disappointed. At this moment, a person called Fat Uncle to come out of the back kitchen. Shang Wanting was shocked when she saw it. That person was the Shen Shuhao she was thinking about day and night. Shen Shuhao was also very excited when he saw Shang Wanting. He took Shang Wanting back to his room and told Shang Wanting what happened that day. It turned out that at the moment when the fish museum was about to explode, Shen Shuhao, a vigorous man, broke the window and fled.

After the rest of his life, he simply took the opportunity to come to Hangzhou and conceal his name here to trace the whereabouts of the treasure. Shang Wanting and Shen Shu couldn’t help themselves in their arrogance, and they were married that night.

At this time, He Mulan in the northeast came under the tree of the He family’s old house. Under that tree, Zhou Dingyi promised to protect herself forever. In fact, He Mulan’s mood has been very unstable recently. Shang Wanting’s words kept echoing in her mind. She was very scared and killed the real Zhou Dingyi herself. When He Mulan recalled the happy time between herself and Zhou Dingyi, that voice echoed in her mind again. He Mulan couldn’t stand the stimulation and fainted again.

Shen Yue, who had been following He Mulan in secret, saw all this in his eyes. He already knew that the current Shen Shuhao, his real name was Zhou Dingyi, but he did not want He Mulan to know the truth, not only for himself, but also for why. Mulan, he was afraid that after He Mulan knew about it, he would be even more confused. Early the next morning, Shen Shuhao woke up and found that Shang Wanting next to him had already left. Shang Wanting returned to Shanghai alone.

She wanted to clean up Shen Shuhao’s grievances so that he could return to Shanghai safely. He Mulan found the hospital where Zhou Dingyi was staying after being burned by the fire. The doctor she saw had been bought by Shen Yue in advance, claiming that he had never accepted Zhou Dingyi’s patient. Just when He Mulan’s heart was ashamed, a passing nurse accidentally saw Zhou Dingyi’s photo, saying that after Shen Shuhao died that year, their hospital received a patient who looked exactly like Shen Shuhao.

People, called Zhou Dingyi. Hou Ye also wanted to know the whereabouts of the treasure. After learning that Shang Wanting had gone to Hangzhou, he also rushed to Hangzhou to check the clues, and ran into Shen Shuhao who was hiding here. Shen Shuhao met Mr. Gu who was being hunted down on the street. When he saw the injustice, he accidentally exposed his identity. Fortunately, Mr. Gu came to the rescue in time.

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