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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 18 Recap

Suddenly, Shen Shuhao became a person who was hunting by both black and white Dao in Shanghai. The Hanshui Gang wanted to catch Shen Shuhao to avenge Bi Haishan, and the police station also wanted to arrest Shen Shuhao for the murder of Bi Haishan. Shang Wanting believed that Shen Shuhao was innocent. She persuaded Shen Shuhao to go to Hong Kong to avoid the limelight. When buying a ferry ticket for Shen Shuhao, Shang Wanting bought an extra one.

She wanted to leave with Shen Shuhao. Shen Shuhao was afraid that Shang Wanting would be in a dangerous situation with her and did not want her to accompany her, but Shang Wanting said that she had decided to live and die with Shen Shuhao, and Shen Shuhao agreed to Shang Wanting’s request.

Before Shen Shuhao went to the dock, he received a letter from He Mulan. In the letter, He Mulan invited Shen Shuhao to the fish restaurant, and she would tell him the truth of Bi Haishan’s death. Shen Shuhao went to the appointment because He Mulan was the most important person in his heart for Zhou Dingyi. What he didn’t know was that He Mulan was blinded by hatred at this time and became frantic.

She asked Shen Shuhao to come here in order to kill Shen Shuhao herself and avenge her father. After seeing Shen Shuhao, He Mulan denounced Shen Shuhao for killing her father and her beloved Zhou Dingyi. Shen Shuhao explained that she was not a murderer, but He Mulan, who was blinded by hatred, had no reason at all. She stubbornly believed in her own. Judging, left the fish house. Being misunderstood by He Mulan, Shen Shuhao had no resentment in her heart, but more guilt and self-blame.

He believed that the reason He Mulan became what she is today is because of himself, he promised to take care of her for a lifetime, but he couldn’t. Don’t meet her in this capacity. Shang Wanting learned that Shen Shuhao had gone to the fish house at the invitation of He Mulan, worried about Shen Shuhao’s safety, was very nervous, and rushed to the fish house immediately, trying to save Shen Shuhao.

But when she arrived, what caught her eye was the explosion of the fish pavilion. Shang Wanting was irritated and accused He Mulan of killing her beloved Zhou Dingyi. He Mulan couldn’t believe that the Shen Shuhao who wanted to put her to death was Zhou Dingyi. In order to answer the doubts in her heart, she returned to the northeast.

Shen Yue quietly followed her to the northeast. Shang Wanting firmly believes that Shen Shuhao is not dead, but Father Shang sees that Shen Shuhao is dead, and for his own benefit, he forces Shang Wanting to marry the Japanese Ishihara. Shang Wanting was unwilling. She believed that her father only saw her own interests.

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