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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 17 Recap

Shen Shuhao was helpless, sitting alone in the corner of the ballroom drinking boring wine. He Mulan, who had been prepared, stepped forward and told Shen Shuhao that he could find someone to help him solve his immediate predicament-Qing Gang Hou Ye. After thinking about it, Shen Shuhao only turned to Lord Hou for help. He knew exactly what Lord Hou wanted, so he took the contract and came to Lord Hou’s office, asking Lord Hou to help him deal with the Hanshui Gang, on the condition that Lord Hou could get his share. Taian became the second largest shareholder of Taian.

Hou Ye agreed to this matter, and if he wished, he bought a stake in Tai’an without spending a single soldier. Master Hou came to Tai’an company triumphantly and asked Uncle Lu to open the door of Shen Muzhi’s office. Because Master Hou was also obsessed with finding the vein map, he kept thinking about the oil painting recorded in the ledger that cost two thousand oceans. Qian stopped, he saw the content of the oil painting clearly, it was the young self and the same young Shen Muzhi.

In fact, Shen Muzhi and Master Hou were good brothers who worked hard together when they were young, but their interests made them go farther and farther. Looking at this painting, Master Hou burst into tears. Old Chen Yue and Shen Shuhao met in the teahouse. Yun Shisan, who had been monitoring Shen Shuhao’s phone calls, rushed to the teahouse with Shen Yue and monitored them from a distance. Old Chen and Shen Shuhao bid farewell, and walked alone on the road.

Sensitive Old Chen noticed that he was being followed by two people and just walked to the gate of the factory. Workers off work were walking out in groups, and Old Chen took it out of his pocket. Some money was spilled on the ground, and workers robbed them one after another. The scene was very chaotic. Old Chen walked inside the factory, changed his clothes, walked out the door, and successfully escaped from under the eyelids of Shen Yue and Yun Shisan.

Later, Old Chen wrote to Shen Shuhao, asking him to check if his home phone was tapped. Shen Shuhao, who had been trained at the special forces training base, opened the phone and found the wiretap. After removing it, he contacted Lao Chen. Shen Shuhao did not know the true purpose of Lord Hou entering Tai’an, but Lord Hou suppressed Shen Shuhao on the board of directors everywhere. He proposed to do freight, but Shen Shuhao disagreed. The result of the voting showed that Shen Shuhao’s support rate was high. Unexpectedly, Hou Ye took out 10% of the shares held by Shen Yue, and Shen Shuhao was forced to agree to let Hou Ye handle the freight.

In fact, this is just the beginning of the conspiracy between Hou Ye and He Mulan. Boss Jiang claimed that there was important cargo to be transported by Tai’an Company, and Shen Shuhao asked Uncle Lu to keep an eye on it. The premeditated Hou Ye secretly let the Hanshui Gang steal the cargo and burned the Tai’an ship.

Therefore, the Tai’an Company Shareholders also have opinions about losses. Shang Wanting inadvertently saw He Mulan and a sneaky person on the street, and then secretly followed. He heard the dialogue between He Mulan and the other party, and knew He Mulan had planned the Taian incident, and hurried back.

The Shen family, remind him to be careful of He Mulan. Shen Shuhao Learned that the Taian was related to the Hanshui Gang, and wanted to secretly disrupt the Hanshui Gang’s smog trade with the French, and forced the Hanshui Gang to return the goods to Tai’an. Shen Shuhao approached Ji Changan for help, entangled the French who rushed to trade with the Hanshui Gang, and pretended to be a Frenchman to trade.

Just as Shen Shuhao was about to exchange goods with Bi Haishan, He Mulan took He Mulan and Director Yuan’s people around the warehouse of the Hanshui Gang. Bi Haishan noticed that the Frenchman in front of him was pretending to be Shen Shuhao and hijacked Shen Shuhao to escape. The resourceful Shen Shuhao convinced Bi Haishan to cooperate with him, and Bi Haishan agreed.

In the distance, the people arranged by He Mulan used long-range shooting to kill Bi Haishan, and Shen Shuhao hurried out to chase the murderer. Bi Haishan’s brother heard the gunfire and walked up, thinking that Shen Shu killed Bi Haishan.

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