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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 16 Recap

He Mulan has already decided to be a gangster with Lord Hou, she is by Hou Ye, trying to help Lord Hou think of some evil tricks to deal with Shen Shuhao and Shang Wanting. He Mulan knew that Master Hou wanted to control the Tai’an Department Store, so she secretly asked Master Hou to find Bi Shanhai of the Hanshui Gang. Most of the people in the Hanshui Gang were thugs who flee for their lives, and Bi Haishan was even desperate.

He Mulan asked Hou Ye to offer Bi Shanhai a great profit and let them find trouble with Shen Shuhao and Taian Company, so that Shen Shuhao could only turn to Hou Ye, and Hou Ye could take advantage of it. The people of the Hanshui Gang acted wantonly and openly sold smoke and soil in the ballroom of Taian Company. It is illegal to sell tobacco soil in public. Uncle Lu, who was checking the situation in the ballroom, was very nervous and called Shen Shuhao.

After Shen Shuhao arrived, he was first to persuade the people of the Hanshui Gang, but those people were deliberately provocative and did not put Shen Shuhao in their eyes. People who are picking things up. Director Yuan took his brothers to the ballroom, and he took Shen Shuhao away on the grounds that someone was selling cigarette soil in the ballroom. Shang Wanting ran around to save Shen Shuhao, she took 10,000 oceans to Shen Shuhao according to Shen Shuhao’s instructions.

Shen Shuhao secretly gave the money to Director Yuan, and Director Yuan let Shen Shuhao go. Afterwards, He Mulan rushed to the school of Director Yuan’s son and picked up Director Yuan’s son, in order to threaten Director Yuan and obey Hou Ye’s instructions. People from the Hanshui Gang continued to cause trouble. Shen Shuhao wanted to invite government officials to help deal with the matter.

He and Shang Wanting hosted a banquet at Qizhongtian Restaurant, but Shang Wanting and Shen Shuhao waited in the private room for a long time and no one was seen. On the contrary, they saw the people they wanted to entertain into the private room next door. The two walked in and saw He Mulan who was at the dinner table. They immediately understood that He Mulan deliberately invited these people away. Shang Wanting had no choice but to go home and beg her father. In order to get her father to help her, Shang Wanting told the secret of the magical ledger.

Shang’s father asked Shang Wanting to steal the ledger and copy it to herself. , And put the ledger back in place. Shang Wanting had no choice but to follow her father’s instructions, but when Shang Wanting put the ledger back in place, she was seen by Shen Shuhao. Shen Shuhao mistakenly thought that Shang Wanting returned to the Shen family for the account book, Shang Wanting.

Dissatisfaction was misunderstood by Shen Shuhao, and said that he came back because of the account book, and then Shang Wanting returned to her family in anger. Father Shang called Shen Shuhao and said that he had promised his daughter that he would help him through the difficulties. Now he is going to take him to meet someone, and he might be willing to help.

As soon as Shen Shuhao met, he knew that the person was Sato, a Japanese. Shen Shuhao was very upset. He told Sato that he and the Japanese had not only national feuds, but also family feuds, so he would not have any contact with Japanese people. , And left after speaking. When Shen Shuhao went out to meet with Sato, Yun Shisan sneaked into Shen Shuhao’s study in the Shen mansion and installed a bug on the phone because Shen Yue wanted to know the secret of Zhou Dingyi pretending to be Shen Shuhao.

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