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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 15 Recap

Shang Wanting looked at her father’s frail face and felt soft. Knowing his father’s wish, Shang Wanting returned to Shen’s house. Early in the morning, Shen Shuhao was awakened by a nightmare. When he opened the window, he was surprised to see Shang Wanting watering the flowers downstairs. He ran down happily to cook himself and make a meal for Shang Wanting.

At the dinner table, Shang Wanting and He Mulan were tit-for-tat. He Mulan took the opportunity to propose that it was time to leave. In fact, she copied the account book overnight last night, had completed the task, and was ready to leave. As soon as He Mulan left, Shang Wanting was in a good mood. Shen Yue couldn’t find He Mulan. He went to Hou Ye, but Hou Ye was unwilling to reveal He Mulan’s whereabouts. After Shen Yue left, Hou Ye ordered to go down and ask the brothers to cover He Mulan and not let Shen. Yue broke his plan with He Mulan.

Shen Yue Xiangtang’s subordinates searched for many days and found out that He Mulan lived in Shen’s house. Shen Yue was furious. He thought it was not that simple. He thought of what He Mulan said before that Shen Shuhao looked very much like the one he knew before, called Zhou Ding. One person decided to investigate what happened to Shen Shuhao during his three years in the Northeast. Shen Yue asked Yun Shisan to rush to the northeast to stop Ji Changan’s people and get Zhou Dingyi’s information.

Ji Changan sent Lao Ma to the Northeast to investigate the news of Zhou Dingyi. After investigation, Lao Ma thought that Zhou Dingyi was probably the current Shen Shuhao, and he was going to come back with the information. Yun Shisan, who had been following Lao Ma, killed him and took the information he had obtained. The document contains the document that Zhou Dingyi pressed his fingerprints. Shen Yue asked Yun Shisan to rush back to find the fingerprint identification expert who had not left Shanghai and identify the fingerprints Zhou Dingyi left on the document and the so-called Shen Shuhao.

Fingerprints to prove that they are the same person. Thinking that he had caught Shen Shuhao’s handle, Shen Yue triumphantly sent a letter to all the directors asking everyone to come to Tai’an to hold a board meeting at nine tomorrow. Before the meeting of the board of directors, Ji Changan arrived in a hurry. He told Shen Shuhao that he secretly sent Lao Ma to the Northeast to investigate Shen Shuhao. Now Lao Ma has been killed and the information has been taken away by others.

There is information about Zhou Dingyi. All information. At this time, Shang Wanting also hurriedly arrived. She said that the fingerprint expert had been kidnapped. Shen Shuhao speculated that both of these things might have been done by Shen Yue, but they had to watch the changes and deal with them cleverly. As soon as Shen Shuhao’s voice fell, Shen Yue came to the board of directors with an unopened document. He claimed that he had very important materials in his hand. When he looked through it, he himself was stunned because he saw Zhou Ding inside.

A picture of He Mulan. Shen Yue thought of what He Mulan told him before. He Mulan said that there was a person in her heart. Although she didn’t know whether he was alive or dead, she couldn’t fall in love with him. Someone else. Shen Yue, who likes He Mulan, doesn’t want He Mulan to know that the person she loves is still in this world, so he has no chance at all. He tells Shen Shuhao that you are lucky this time, so he left, leaving behind. Director with a wrong face.

The mother of the sixth son wrote to the sixth son, telling him that Shen Shuhao had spent a lot of money and sent someone to rescue herself. The sixth son knelt in front of Shen Shuhao and apologized to him. Shen Shuhao knew that the sixth son was being coerced and told him that he would encounter such a thing , Tell yourself in advance.

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