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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 14 Recap

When Shang Wanting returned home and learned that He Mulan was at her home, she went to meet the guest, and eloquently advised her not to be blinded by hatred, and said that she would take good care of her and let her not Pretending to be confused. In fact, what Shen Shuhao didn’t know was that this was just a bitter trick by He Mulan.

She negotiated with Lord Hou, and asked the six sons to be her internal support. She entered the Shen family and tried every means to get the account book from Shen Shuhao’s side. Taking advantage of Shen Shuhao’s carelessness, He Mulan came to his bedroom quietly, did not find the account book, but found a piece of jade pendant in his clothes. He Mulan was shocked when she saw that piece of jade pendant, because that piece of jade pendant was her own It was originally given to Zhou Dingyi.

He Mulan pretended to be wandering in the garden, and the six sons quietly came to her and told her that Master Hou was urging him. He Mulan asked the six sons to tell Master Hou not to worry, and she would get the account book soon. Subsequently, He Mulan began to act again. She pretended to pack up and leave Shen’s house.

Shen Shuhao rushed to ask her what happened. He Mulan took out the jade pendant and asked Shen Shuhao that the jade pendant was given to Zhou Dingyi and why it was with him. Shen Shuhao said that he found it in the hospital and he didn’t know who it was. He Mulan pretended to be exhausted and fainted, and Shen Shuhao hugged him. And this scene was seen by Shang Wanting who passed the guest room. Shang Wanting turned and left, so she didn’t know that at the moment He Mulan hugged Shen Shuhao, Shen Shuhao unexpectedly pushed her.

Shen Shuhao walked out of He Mulan’s guest room, and he himself was surprised why he pushed He Mulan away. In fact, that was because his heart was full of Shang Wanting’s position. Shang Wanting was sad and wanted to return to Shang’s house with luggage, but Shen Shuhao did not stop her. Father Shang saw that Shang Wanting had begun to care about Shen Shuhao, and he reminded her that it is important to find treasures and ask her not to act in real terms.

Shen Shuhao called Shang Wanting, but Shang Wanting was out of anger. In the middle of the night, He Mulan, who had lost her mind, brought a dagger to kill Shen Shuhao, but the moment she pointed the knife at the sleeping Shen Shuhao, she thought of the scene where Shen Shuhao rescued her from the water, so she put down the knife. Leaving Shen Shuhao’s bedroom, he secretly vowed to make Shen Shuhao life worse than death. Knowing that Lawyer Xiao was studying in the UK, Shen Shuhao made up a guise and asked her how to make the words on the seemingly blank paper appear.

Attorney Xiao said that it might be visible under some special light, such as ultraviolet rays. Shen Shuhao asked Old Chen to get an ultraviolet pen for himself. At night, Shen Shuhao was in the study, looking up the secrets of the ledger. He Mulan was sneaking outside and wanted to do something. She saw the dark shadow outside the window and deliberately knocked over the flowerpot. Shen Shuhao hid the real ledger. , Put a fake account book on the table On the child, chased it out.

He Mulan took the opportunity to enter Shen Shuhao’s study, found out the real account book, and copied the contents above. After Shen Shuhao fought with the man in black, the man in black left. Uncle Lu told Shen Shuhao that the family members of the subordinates he found were all safe and sound. Only the mother of the sixth son had no news. Shen Shuhao wanted him to rescue them as soon as possible. Shen Shuhao asked Azhi to return to Shang’s house to take care of Shen Shuhao.

The next day, Shen Shuhao held a yellow rose in his hand to apologize to Shang Wanting. Shang Wanting proudly dropped the flower on the ground without forgiving him. But after Shen Shuhao left, Shang Wanting picked up the flowers again. Father Shang decides to use a bitter trick to force Shang Wanting to return to Shen’s house.

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