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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 13 Recap

Under the coercion of Yun Shisan, the chief of the court sentenced Shen Shuhao to death on the grounds of insufficient evidence, which was executed seven days later. Even Ji Changan felt sorry for Shen Shuhao. At the critical moment, Shang Wanting returned to China with a French fingerprint identification expert. The fingerprint identification expert extracted the fingerprints on the murder weapon. After identification, the fingerprints above were definitely not Shen Shuhao’s.

With such favorable evidence, the court announced that Shen Shuhao was not guilty and released on the spot. Shang Wanting shed tears in excitement. The shackles on Shen Shuhao’s hands were released, and he went down and embraced Shang Wanting.

He Mulan looked at Shen Shuhao and Shang Wanting hugging each other tightly, and thought of Zhou Dingyi, feeling very uncomfortable. She walked on the bank of the Huangpu River in despair, her father’s vengeance was not reported, and the whereabouts of her beloved was unknown. He Mulan jumped into the Huangpu River because she had no love.

Shen Shuhao arrived and rescued He Mulan. In order to wake He Mulan, he gave He Mulan artificial respiration in a hurry, but he didn’t expect He Mulan to slap Shen Shuhao when she woke up and berated Shen Shuhao as a hooligan. In the evening, Shen Mulan was awakened by a nightmare. When she got up to drink water, she felt that her father was standing behind her, asking herself why she didn’t follow his will and revenge her family.

Shen Mulan was anxious to explain to her father, but her father had disappeared. Master Hou wanted to know the whereabouts of the treasure, so he arrested the six sons of the Shen family. Faced with severe torture, the sixth son would rather die than he would. Tell Hou Ye that Shen Shuhao found a ledger in the warehouse of Tai’an Department Store. Lord Hou thought that the treasure might have something to do with the ledger, so the six sons should find ways to help him get the ledger.

He Mulan went to Hou Ye and told Hou Ye that she wanted to avenge her father, and that she wanted the Shen family to pay the price. Hou Ye believed her. Shen Shuhao studied the ledger at home because there was nothing on the ledger, but Shen Shuhao thought that there must be a mystery behind this ledger. Shang Wanting suggested that they go to a French fingerprint expert to see if there is any way. The conversation between the two was heard by the six who hid behind the bookcase. That night, Shen Shuhao was attacked by a masked man.

Thanks to Shen Shuhao’s abundance, it didn’t matter. He Mulan called Shen Shuhao to meet at her father’s grave. She asked Shen Shuhao if he was Zhou Dingyi. Shen Shuhao had to deny it against his will. He Mulan said that if this is the case, then she has nothing to live for. She took out the scissors and wanted to break it by herself. Shen Shuhao snatched the scissors from her hand, but He Mulan suddenly fainted in his arms. Shen Shuhao brought He Mulan to Shen’s house. The doctor said that He Mulan was emotionally unstable now, and she had the idea of ​​committing suicide, so she could not be stimulated by other things. Shen Shuhao is worried about what

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