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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 12 Recap

He Mulan insisted that Shen Shuhao was the murderer and Ji Changan had to detain Shen Shuhao temporarily. Lawyer Xiao and Shang Wanting are running around, trying to rescue Shen Shuhao. Director Yuan of the police station ordered Ji Chang’an to let Shen Shuhao confess, but Ji Chang’an was not willing to torture a confession because he had always relied on evidence, not this way. After thinking about it, Shen Yuesi, who was lying on the hospital bed to recuperate, thought that Shen Shuhao should not be the murderer, and he also thought that the current Shen Shuhao must not be the cousin who bullied him since childhood.

Nevertheless, he still wanted to mislead He Mulan. He invited his friend Gao, lawyer, to help He Mulan sue Shen Shuhao. He Mulan said that she remembered that the murderer left at 3:40, but Shen Shuhao said that she left home at 3:30 and drove 20 minutes to arrive. The arrival time should be 3:50. Attorney Xiao accompanied Shang Wanting to check near Uncle Xiang’s house, hoping to find evidence, and seeing a young man hiding aside sneakily, he followed him to the restaurant where he worked. Shang Wanting gave the boss a lot of money, and pointed out that the young man just now should deliver the food to the police station.

In the restaurant, Shen Yue’s men sat aside and saw this scene. At the police station, Ji Changan interrogated the young man in the restaurant. The young man admitted that on the day Uncle Xiang was killed, he had met Shen Shuhao, because at the entrance of the alley, Shen Shuhao’s car stopped in front of him, and then left in a hurry. I was scared by Shen Shuhao, and I clearly remembered that the time at that time was 3:50.

The young man confessed that he had worked in the Shen family’s factory, so he knew that that person was the young master of the Shen family, Shen Shuhao. Actually, he was struggling these days, but he was afraid that he would be framed by telling the truth. Now they find him. , You can tell the truth yourself. The next day, the court opened a trial in Shen Shuhao’s case. He Mulan insisted that Shen Shuhao was the murderer, but Attorney Xiao said that He Mulan did not see the murderer’s face clearly at the time, and he could not conclude that the man was Shen Shuhao based on his clothes alone.

Shang Wanting was anxious and asked the driver to drive to the police station to pick up witnesses. When her car and the police station car met face-to-face, Yun Shisan, who was hiding upstairs in the distance, shot and killed the police and was supposed to testify in court.

Young man. Shang Wanting looked at what was happening in front of her, shocked, staggered back to the courthouse, and met Shen Yue at the door. Looking at Shen Yue’s proud eyes, Shang Wanting knew that everything today was manipulated by Shen Yue behind her back. Because Lawyer Xiao could not produce evidence, the court was temporarily adjourned, and He Mulan’s hostile eyes made Shen Shuhao very sad.

Shang Wanting learned that there was a fingerprint detection machine in France, so she contacted the ambassador of the French embassy and she wanted to go there. France. Before leaving, Shang Wanting came to the prison and told Shen Shuhao that he was going to France to make him believe in himself. After Shang Wanting left, Yun Shisan threatened the president of the court and ordered him to sentence Shen Shuhao to death.

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