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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 11 Recap

Shang Wanting has been taking good care of Shen Shuhao at home. She mentioned that tomorrow night is her father’s birthday. Shen Shuhao said that she would prepare a birthday gift tomorrow and go directly to Shangfu from the company. Shang Wanting was very happy to hear that. In the evening, Father Shang and Wanting Shang stood at the door looking through, but were called into the hall by her father, and she sat listlessly on the side. Until Shen Shuhao appeared, Shang Wanting smiled happily. When she was dancing with Shen Shuhao, Shang Wanting was full of happiness.

How she wished she could hold Shen Shuhao’s hand forever and just walk on like this. On the way back, Shang Wanting saw a pair of beautiful shoes in the window of a shoe store, but the boss told her that this pair of shoes had already been ordered, and the shoe factory had also closed down and would no longer produce new shoes. Shang Wanting felt very sorry, but to her surprise, she got up the next day and found that her shoe cabinet was full of shoes made by that shoe factory. Just as she was excited to try them on, Shen Shuhao walked in. ,

Shang Wanting almost fell, thanks to Shen Shuhao’s quick-eyed support for her. Shen Shuhao insisted that he felt that the shoe factory was profitable, so he bought the shoe factory and prepared to give it to her. Shang Wanting was moved by Shen Shuhao’s care. He Mulan went to the police station to close the case. After all, her father committed suicide.

At Ji Changan’s desk, he accidentally saw the information sent by Lao Ma. He was entrusted by Ji Chang’an to investigate the current Shen Shuhao in the northeast. real identity. He Mulan saw Zhou Dingyi’s name on the document, and her heart wavered again. She decided to go to the northeast to find Zhou Dingyi’s whereabouts. Shen Yue came to He’s house and was about to drive He Mulan to the pier, but on the way, a person suddenly ran into the road. Shen Yue had to adjust the steering wheel. In a hurry, the car hit a pillar on the side, and Shen Yue was seriously injured.

Sent to the hospital, but the rescue was timely and there was no worry of life. In order to take care of Shen Yue, He Mulan missed the ship returning to the northeast. A man in the alley came out late at night to take a letter, but was killed by the messenger. When Ji Changan came to the scene to investigate the case, he saw Uncle Xiang. Uncle Xiang said that he knew this person and was uncomfortable yesterday. He asked him to help him get the letter, but he didn’t expect this to happen.

After Ji Changan left, after thinking about it at home, Uncle Xiang thought this incident was related to the drug case on the first floor because the person who delivered the food changed that day. He said something related to water spinach in the kitchen, and the day before yesterday, he was in the alley. The vegetable market inside heard that sentence again. Uncle Xiang was shocked by his discovery, and hurried to the phone booth to call He Mulan. He remembered that he was in the kitchen that day, and if Shang Wanting asked Uncle Xiang to have news about that person, she called herself and dialed the Shen family.

Shen Shuhao received the call and hurried out. He Mulan came to Uncle Xiang’s house and saw through the window A man in a gray suit was killing Uncle Xiang. The frightened He Mulan hid aside, and the murderer randomly dropped the dagger at the door. A few minutes later, Shen Shuhao, who was also wearing a gray suit, came to Uncle Xiang’s house. He Mulan thought that Shen Shuhao was the one who killed Uncle Xiang. He turned back because he was not sure if Uncle Xiang died.

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