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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 9 Recap

Song Daren and Xiao Yicai both took the medicine for understanding. Song Daren casually asked where Shushu had found the antidote. Shushu did not know how to answer. Just at this time, Xueqi and Jingyu came back and Shushu hurried forward. Quietly asking if anything happened, Jingyu and Xueqi winked at Shushu, and Shushu suddenly understood. In fact, just now, when Xueqi and Jingyu were going to explore the way, they saw the golden light masterpiece in the distance.

It was speculated that it was the treasure house of the Emperor of Heaven. When the two of them were about to turn around and leave, they met a unique disciple led by the god of poison. , But before the two of them could do anything, the Wandumen disciple was knocked to the ground by Zhang Xiaofan who was not far away. Xueqi Jingyu took the opportunity to leave, and the two of them also guessed that Zhang Xiaofan was helping behind.

Xiao Yi only heard the murmurs of Shushu Xueqi and Jingyu, expressing that they should stop muttering, he knew that the antidote came from Zhang Xiaofan. Xueqi didn’t want Xiao Yicai to misunderstand Zhang Xiaofan, so she told all about Zhang Xiaofan’s help along the way. Xiao Yicai still stubbornly believes that now Zhang Xiaofan is already the vice-sovereign of the Ghost King Sect.

Righteous and evil do not exist at the same time. Song Daren made a speech to defend Xiaofan. He said Xiaofan always pays attention to love and justice. But Xiao Yicai still insisted, reminding everyone to remember the mission of coming to the division. Song Daren could only sigh, it’s better not to meet Xiao Fan.

Poisonous and angry, Bai Poison did not do things well, and used the Insect Gu, which made Bai Poison feel painful, and Qin Wuyan, who was also given the Insect Gu in his body, had to show up, begging Master for his life. The Poison God didn’t believe anyone, but in front of him, it took manpower to find the Heavenly Emperor’s treasure, so he spared Qin Wuyan and Bai Poison.

Poison God led the disciples of Wan Po Sect to the Heavenly Emperor’s Treasury, and the danger ahead was heavy. Poison God said that there was a hostage around him. It turned out that Jin Ping’er had been wearing the clothes of a disciple of Wandu Clan, trailing at the end of the team. Bai Poison wanted to get rid of Jin Ping’er, and Qin Wuyan asked to help.

Zhang Xiaofan often imagined that Baguio was sitting next to him, talking to himself, immersed in it, focused and serious, and he couldn’t feel the wild dog calling himself.

In the evening, Xueqi and others were resting in the woods. What reverberated in Jingyu’s mind was that Xiaofan refused to return to Qingyun and parted ways with him. A cloud of black air suddenly appeared. During the struggle, Xiaohuan and Shushu The book was taken away. In fact, this is the monster in the swamp-the fish monster. But everyone didn’t know about this. Xueqi believed that the Demon Cult in the Death Marsh was Guili who had become the Deputy Sovereign of the Ghost King Sect except for the Wandu Sect.

Xueqi met Zhang Xiaofan when she was looking for Shushu and Xiaohuan. She pointed her sword at Xiaofan, but Xiaofan did not escape or fight back. Xueqi asked Zhang Xiaofan why he did not fight back. Xiaofan expressed the meaning of fighting side by side in the past. Gui Li remembers the grace of salvation. Xueqi put together their experience, the fact that Xiaohuan and Shushu were taken away, Zhang Xiaofan immediately said that she wanted to check the situation.

Looking at Xiaofan’s back, Xueqi said what she had always wanted to say. I want Zhang Xiaofan to wait until this matter is over and go back to Qingyun with myself. Zhang Xiaofan said that he hadn’t used the name Zhang Xiaofan for a long time, and left after speaking.

Lin Jingyu, Song Daren, and Xiao Yicai Axiang and the others encountered Qin Wuyan’s sneak attack while searching for Xiaohuan Shushu. During the fight, Jingyu was taken away by the fish monster.

Jingyu saw Xiaofan, and he persuaded Xiaofan to wake up, that people cannot be resurrected, but Xiaofan said that since he knew that people could not be resurrected, he should understand that Zhang Xiaofan was already dead. The Wandu Gate, Li Xun Yanhong and others in the death swamp were all attacked by fish monsters.

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