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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 8 Recap

Qin Wuyan looked up to the sky and laughed, with a sad expression on his face. He walked to the shallows, cast spells in the water, and planted a blood sea gu formation. At this time, Bai Poison saw what happened to Qin Wuyan, saw the cruel heart of the poison god, and tentatively said that he knew that the poison god had already thought of getting rid of Qin Wuyan.

Xueqi and others found Shushu and learned that Xiaohuan was gone, so Shushu left and went to look for it. Xueqi also followed Shushu to look for Xiaohuan. Xiao Yi just complained, saying that he had said that he should not bring the small ring into the swamp. Jingyu intervened from it and said that he would go to find the small ring with Shushu and ask everyone to go to the shallows and meet there.

Xiao Fan asked the wild dog to send Xiaohuan to Dawang Village. After all, the road ahead was dangerous. Xiaohuan refused, and Jin Pinger persuaded Xiaohuan that Zhang Xiaofan still had poisonous gas in his body. If Xiaofan had to be distracted to protect Xiaohuan, Xiaohuan agreed to leave. Jin Ping’er walked tens of meters with Xiaohuan, and met the book that came to look for Xiaohuan.

Shushu saw Jin Ping’er and the wild dog next to Xiao Huan, worried about the danger of Xiao Huan, rushed forward and accused Jin Ping’er, Jin Ping’er explained in detail what happened, the wild dog misunderstood Shu Shu did not take care of Xiao Huan, and accused Up him. Xiaohuan spoke for the wild dog and caused Shushu dissatisfaction. He turned and left. Jin Ping’er told Xiaohuan Zeng Shushu that she was caring and chaos.

After Xiaohuan left, Jin Ping’er asked the wild dog to take good care of Zhang Xiaofan. He wanted to kill Hundred Poison, otherwise the people of the Acacia Sect and Jinxiufang would never have peace in the future.

Before Qingyun disciples walked to the shoal, Li Xun and Yan Hong were also there. Xueqi had to wait for Shushu Jingyu to return, because Qingyun disciples had to act in unison. Yan Hong wanted to leave first, but was held back by Li Xun. Li Xun wanted to use Xueqi and others’ mana to find the treasure house of the Heavenly Emperor. Yan Hong washed his hands at the shallows, only to find that the color of his hands began to change, both hands began to be deformed, and Li Xun was suffering from a splitting headache.

Xueqi rescued by sword, and Qin Wuyan appeared, seeing Li Xun and Yan Hong live better than dead. Shu Shu and Xue Qi wanted to stab Qin Wuyan with a sword. Zhang Xiaofan appeared and blocked Xue Qi’s sword with a blood-devouring bead. Xue Qi and Shu Shu were shocked. Shu Shu yelled at Xiaofan, asking him why he wanted to save Qin Wuyan, because Zhang Xiaofan knew very well that Qin Wuyan was the one who killed Grandpa Zeng Shushu.

However, Zhang Xiaofan’s few words made Zeng Shushu understand his intentions. Zhang Xiaofan said that he would either kill Qin Wuyan, but Li Xun and Yan Hong would also die because there was no cure, or they would let Qin Wuyan go and get relief for Li Xun and Yan Hong. medicine. Li Xun repeatedly expressed that he wanted the antidote, Qin Wuyan handed over the antidote, and Zhang Xiaofan took him away.

Zhang Xiaofan treated Qin Wuyan for his injuries. Qin Wuyan asked Zhang Xiaofan why he wanted to save him. Zhang Xiaofan said that besides the ghost king, he was the only person who reminded himself of Baguio. In fact, in Zhang Xiaofan’s heart, he was talking to Baguio, and he was explaining to Baguio why he saved Qin Wuyan.

Jin Ping’er went to attack Bai Duzi and found that Lin Jingyu was also in the dark. Jin Ping’er attacked Bai Duzi. Bai Duzi took the opportunity to escape. Jin Pinger wanted to follow him, but Lin Jingyu stopped him and asked Xiao Fan. Whereabouts.

The Poison God of Wan Pomen sent a poisonous man to attack Qingyun disciples. Song Daren and Xiao Yicai were both injured in the battle against the poisonous man. A voice spoke to Shushu secretly, telling him to burn with fire and then use Xuanbing. According to this method, Shushu solved the poisonous person. Xueqi asked Shushu how he came up with this method, and in front of Xiao Yicai, Shushu changed the subject.

Shushu found Zhang Xiaofan, he smiled at Zhang Xiaofan, and sighed that Guili’s clothes were very domineering. He explained his intentions and hoped that Zhang Xiaofan would help the injured Song Daren and give himself an antidote. Xiaofan agreed.

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