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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 7 Recap

The seriously injured Yuyangzi met Qin Wuyan and Jin Ping’er in the woods. Under Jin Ping’er’s questioning, Yu Yangzi realized that his actions to frame the disciples of the Acacia Sect and try to blame the Wandu Sect had been exposed.

A black shadow came step by step, and when he approached, Yu Yangzi was shocked, because the person standing opposite was Zhang Xiaofan, who was transformed into a ghost.

Zhang Xiaofan scolded the battle in Dinghai Shenzhuang ten years ago. Yuyangzi took away the spirit stone from his hand, thus ruining the only hope of resurrecting Baguio, and also trapped Baguio in the popular lake day and night. Yuyangzi knew that Zhang Xiaofan was avenging himself this time, and tried to struggle to death, let Zhang Xiaofan let him go, and in the future he would convert to the ghost king. Zhang Xiaofan Jin Ping’er and the others didn’t believe Yu Yangzi’s words at all. Xiaofan raised the Blood Devouring Bead, abolished Yu Yangzi’s whole body cultivation, and left with Jin Ping’er.

While Qin Wuyan quietly released the poisonous miasma while Zhang Xiaofan was casting the spell, Xiaofan’s bloodthirsty bead inhaled a large amount of the poisonous miasma, but he didn’t know it. After Xiaofan left, Qin Wuyan applied Insect Gu to Yuyangzi, causing Yuyangzi to die tragically.

Qingyunmen and his group saw the tragic death of Yuyangzi. Yuyangzi had a hideous face and deformed hands and feet. Jingyu and Lu Xueqi believed that Zhang Xiaofan should have done this because Yuyangzi destroyed the spirit stone. Xueqi sighed that there is only one evil technique in the world that can degenerate people, and that is hate.

Zhang Xiaofan walked in the swamp of death, followed by wild dogs, and found that Zhang Xiaofan was getting more and more unconscious, but thought it was the influence of the blood-devouring beads, the two still walked forward, in order to find Shenshui as soon as possible and save Baguio.

Xiaohuan was bitten by an insect while she was walking. Shushu was worried about her safety, so he took her to rest for a while, so she fell behind. Xueqi and others who were walking in front realized that the book and the small ring had fallen, so they looked around.

Shushu and Xiaohuan encountered the worm formation, and Xiaohuan, who had no power, ran wildly. Zhang Xiaofan who passed by here rescued Xiaohuan and took Xiaohuan to the cave. The wild dog was very excited when he saw Xiaohuan, but Zhang Xiaofan was in a coma and called Baguio to Xiaohuan. In his mind, Baguio encouraged him. The wild dog saw that the miasma gathered on Xiaofan’s body, and realized that something was wrong, Xiaohuan took out the antidote he carried with him and gave it to Xiaofan.

The poison god heard Qin Wuyan’s plan and sent a hundred poisonous men to attack Zhang Xiaofan. The wild dog fought hard, and Jin Ping’er arrived at the critical moment. Bai Poison did not succeed. Jin Ping’er helped Zhang Xiaofan to block the pulse count, but some poisonous gas had already entered his body, and he wanted him to grow the true qi in his body.

Xiao Fan recalled Qin Wuyan’s actions before, knowing that he had done tricks in secret. Xiaohuan worried about Zhang Xiaofan’s safety and insisted on going forward with them, and Jin Pinger said that he would take care of Xiaohuan, Xiaofan didn’t say anything more.

The Hundred Poisons returned without success. The Poison God said that Qingyun disciples are getting closer and asked Qin Wuyan what he can do. Qin Wuyan said that there is a shallow shoal in front of which there are water lilies in it. You can cast spells inside, and the poisonous eyes are getting fiercer. It means it’s time to use Qin Wuyan. Qin Wuyan knelt to survive, but the poison god still applied blood gu in his body and asked him to lay a blood sea gu formation in the shallow water.

Qin Wuyan staggered away. He recalled the past. From his childhood, the poison god had planted worms in his body, making him feel the erosion of the poison from time to time. Life is better than death. He also recalled Baguio, because Baguio is the only light that illuminates his life.

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