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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 25 Recap

Wanyan Zeli left Quezhou and set up a camp next to the camp where Alhatu was located. Wunaxi thought he had given up attacking Quezhou, but Wanyan Zeli only stayed here temporarily to attack Bianliang to wash away the shame of Quezhou’s defeat. Wu Naxi was angry, and when she talked with Wusao later, she told Wusao that Wanyan Zeli still advocated war and wanted to fight Bianliang. Wusao was very anxious and decided that she must escape the Wanyan army camp that day.

At night, taking advantage of the darkness, Wusao planned to hide in the cart carrying grain and grass. Wu Naxi seemed to know that Wusao was planning to escape. She came out and walked away a few Wanyan soldiers at the door. Wusao was able to hide in the car easily. On the way, she and Hongling took advantage of Wanyanbing to rest, and secretly got off the straw cart and escaped. One day, Concubine Luo was pinched up while she was sleeping. She woke up and saw a grimace. She was too frightened and yelled. Yudie came over when she heard the sound.

But Concubine Luo and some of her servants used grimace to scare Concubine Luo. That person. After Luo Fei had her tire, the doctor said it was caused by excessive fright. Luo Fei immediately thought of Yudie and told the prince the whole story. Zhao Yuanqing sent someone to find a grimace with guillotine grass in Yudie’s room, so he sent someone to Yudie for interrogation. Yudie said that he didn’t know what was going on, but when they got the money, Zhao Yuanqing handed her over to the Criminal Ministry.

On trial. The next day the jailer told Yudie that she had been sentenced to death. Yudie thought of Li Ma, who had not returned, in prison, and was very helpless. Concubine Lu finds Concubine Qin and pretends to be a good person to intercede with Yudie, but actually wants to confirm whether Yudie has no chance of being saved. Concubine Qin was very pleased to see her being so kind, but she still told her that Fa is not merciful. Zhao Yuanqing asked Wang Jixian to discuss the real culprit.

Wang Jixian told the prince that the biggest beneficiary of the incident was Concubine Lu, but Zhao Yuanqing was deceived by Concubine Lu’s usual virtuous appearance, thinking that it was impossible for her to frame her by caring Yudie, and it was impossible to do this. Things that hurt the world. At this time, Concubine Lu was planning with Gong Quanfu how to make the plan more perfect, and decided to visit Yudie in prison. After “visiting” Yudie, Concubine Lu met the prince and pretended to be virtuous. The prince did not notice her hypocrisy.

Wusao fled back to Bianliang City, found the Prince’s Mansion and Wang Jixian, only then learned that Yudie was wrongly imprisoned and sentenced to death, which was very critical. When the mother and daughter met, it was as if they were separated from each other. The fifth sister-in-law assured Yudie that she would be rescued and her innocence would be returned.

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