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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 24 Recap

Wang Jixian took Guier to Concubine Luo’s place, and wanted to take the opportunity to visit Concubine Yudie. When she met Concubine Luo on the way, Wang Jixian handed the food box containing the soup to Concubine Luo and asked Guier to carry another food box to Yudie. The food box in Guier’s hand caused Luo Fei’s suspicion, and Luo Fei sent her men to check. Xiaotao saw Wang Jixian and Guier secretly delivering soup to Yudie, and immediately reported it to Concubine Luo.

Concubine Luo immediately brought Xiaotao to inquire about the crime and punished Yudie for two days not to eat. Concubine Qin learned from Zhou Xiang that Yudie had been wronged, and she specially rewarded Yudie to apologize. Concubine Lu also pretended to give Yudie jewelry, but Yudie refused to accept it. Concubine Luo was unwell, so Concubine Qin came to see her specially to save her all the peace.

Concubine Lu was very dissatisfied when she heard the news and called Gong Quanfu to discuss a strategy. Gong Quanfu offered her a strategy of killing two birds with one stone. Lu The concubine began to worry that she had done this kind of detrimental thing, and she would not be able to forgive herself if she revealed the prince. She hesitated in her heart, but finally agreed under Gong Quanfu’s instigation. So Concubine Lu came to Concubine Luo’s bedroom to visit Concubine Luo, Concubine Luo complained to Concubine Lu about Yudie, Concubine Lu pretended to speak for Yudie, and warmly invited Concubine Luo to see something new.

Concubine Luo immediately became interested. , Agreeing to go, everyone knows that he has already stepped into the trap of Concubine Lu. The next day, Concubine Luo took Yudie to Fei Lu to see what Lu Fei said. Concubine Lu showed her a glass cup and gave it to her. Concubine Lu asked Yudie to keep it, but Qiuyue deliberately didn’t. Concubine Luo was extremely angry and returned in defeat. After returning to the bedroom, Concubine Lu ordered someone to beat her and punished her to fan her own stove at night. Yudie was beaten and tired in the middle of the night.

She fainted while fanning the heater. Concubine Luo sent her to be taken away for treatment. Wu Naxi asked Wusao to help her father make soup and drink because of her father’s fall. Wusao lied that adding a single medicine to the soup would be more effective. Actually, she wanted to escape when she was looking for medicine, but when she and Hongling wanted to escape, Wunaxi was bitten by a poisonous snake. The fifth sister-in-law gave up to escape in order to save her, but the two were tied up as murderers. Wunaxi woke up and quickly exonerated the two, and his father Alhatu immediately arranged for them.

The best tent, but he refused to let them go. Wunaxi called Wusao and asked her why she didn’t run away. Wusao said that her life could not be exchanged for freedom. Wunaxi assured her that she would be free when she had a chance in the future. A few days later, Wanyan Zeli came to Alhatu Camp from Suzhou and vowed to stay in Alhatu and seek revenge from Song Jun.

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