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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 23 Recap

After a while, the emperor was poisoned and unwell. Concubine Lu ordered Yudie and Guier to be caught. Yudie and Guier defended themselves, but they were temporarily detained as suspects. After the emperor had nothing to do, the doctor who had diagnosed told everyone that there was a very small amount of grass in each dish. Zhao Yuanqing went to prison and asked Yudie. After Yudie explained to Zhao Yuanqing, Zhao Yuanqing chose to believe her and released her privately. .

Concubine Qin taught Zhao Yuanqing after learning about the incident, and Zhao Yuanqing understood the reason. Because Concubine Qin had always had a good impression of Yudie, she did not go into it out of inexplicable trust, but at this time there was no evidence to prove whether the matter was related to Yudie. Yudie and Guier returned to the palace. Wang Jixian originally wanted to punish them to clean the stables.

At this time, Concubine Luo found the prince and pretended to take Yudie to clean his bedroom. Although the prince did not know why, he still agreed. Unexpectedly, Concubine Luo was only instructed by Concubine Lu to put Yudie by her side in order to “train” Yudie. Yudie made a little mistake and punished her to do tiring and dirty work. Although Yudie was dissatisfied, she had to resign before Li Ma returned. At night, Wang Jixian pretended to search the bedroom of her servant.

The maid Xinghua was nervous when she heard that, she pretended to go to the bathroom by herself, and secretly brought the unprocessed evidence to the kitchen and wanted to burn it down, but Zhou Xiang caught him, Zhou Xiang To understand, someone wanted to kill someone and was stopped by Zhou Xiang. Zhou Xiang temporarily locked Xinghua in the firewood room and found the prince to report the situation and promised Xinghua to tell the truth.

But Concubine Lu told Gong Quanfu that she must find a way to shut up Xinghua completely after she knew the incident had been revealed. Zhou Xiang finally learned from Xinghua that Yudie was not the real murderer behind the scenes, but Xinghua was killed before Xinghua was taken to the Xing Department, and Yudie still could not be completely proved innocent. Li Ma and others killed Wanyan Camp. Wanyan Zeli, who had already left Wanyan Camp, rushed back to the camp for some reason, but found that all the Wanyan soldiers remaining in the camp had been killed.

He was very angry, but Li Ma was even more affected. Quezhou city people sought after. The little monkey and Li Ma buried the Meilan family of three. Ji Er told Li Ma that his brother Lin Jue had asked the Holy Spirit to forgive him, and he could return to the capital to find Yudie. Li Ma immediately embarked on the road back to Beijing. On the way, someone recognized his god-arm bow and knew that he was the legendary Li Ma who broke the enemy bravely. The people who heard the news regarded him as a great hero.

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