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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 21 Recap

The cook suspected that the three of them were stealing things, and wanted to take them to meet the prince. Wang Jixian passed by and was surprised to find that it was Yudie, who was waiting for the prince. The prince also came to the kitchen at this time. It was Yudie, which was extremely pleasantly surprised. , The prince then took Yudie to the palace to speak.

Zhao Yuanqing asked Yudie why he didn’t come to him for so long, but Yudie asked him why he refused to see herself. Yudie slowly told her previous experience, and the prince understood that Yudie was always looking for herself. Yudie asked the prince whether the burning of Tianxianglou was related to him. The prince said that Wanyan soldiers could not chase him down and burned in anger. The truth about falling Tianxianglou. Yudie also told Zhao Yuanqing that it was a lady named Concubine Lu who prevented her from coming to him.

After the truth became clear, the prince asked Yudie about her plan, and finally Yudie decided to stay in the palace as a cook. The prince found Concubine Lu and warned her to keep herself safe and never see her again. Concubine Lu finds Concubine Qin to complain. Concubine Qin thinks that she is wrong, and teaches her to be a concubine. Only then will her relationship with the prince have room for relaxation. After hearing this, Concubine Lu returned to the Fuzhong to send Gong Quanfu to help her find the best doctor, in order to cure her infertility.

Zhao Yuanqing helped Yudie find out that Li Ma joined the army, Lin Jier immediately decided to find Lin Jue in Quezhou, Yudie asked her to tell Li Ma that she was waiting for him in the capital. Yudie lives in the palace, and the prince always wants to find a chance to be alone with Yudie, so that the original simple Manhe can’t understand, and don’t know what the relationship between the prince and Yudie is, and feel jealous. Gong Quanfu instructed her to find Concubine Lu, and Concubine Lu planned to use the lotus for her own use. Wuniang, who was still imprisoned in the Wanyan camp, witnessed Song Bing who had come to steal intelligence to be killed by Wanyan Bing.

Later, she accidentally found Song Bing hidden in the grass in the sheepfold with a note full of intelligence. After receiving the article, I decided to find a way to send it out. One day, Wu Niang accidentally saw Wanyan Zeli who had returned and recalled that Wanyan Zeli had been to Tianxiang Tower before the Tianxiang Tower was burned, and her heart was full of doubts. Wunaxi had tasted Wuniang’s craftsmanship and asked Wuniang to cook some meat for Wanyan Zeli. When Wusao delivered the meal, she heard him complaining to Wunaxi about the troubled Li Ma and learned that Li Ma was not there. Death is very happy in my heart.

The little monkey and Meilan are in love with each other, and Li Ma decides to help him complete his marriage with Meilan. On the way back to send Meilan, the close relationship between the little monkey and Meilan was learned by Wanyan who pretended to be a woodcutter. The next day, Li Ma decided to bring the little monkey to propose marriage, but saw that all three of Meilan’s family were brutally murdered by Wanyan soldiers. The little monkey was deeply saddened. Li Ma and the little monkey went out of the city to kill Wanyan Daying. The two fell into the trap of Wanyan Jun, and Lin felt very anxious when he heard the news.

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