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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 20 Recap

The drunk Zhao Yuanqing came to the wedding room and forcibly spoiled Manhe before taking off his hijab. Qiuyue sent by Fei Lu saw this scene and reported it to Fei Lu. Concubine Lu was heartbroken. Zhao Yuanqing, who had sex with her only a month later, actually spoiled Manhe on the day of her wedding, which made her unacceptable. She sent Qiuyue to watch Manhe and the prince every day. Qiuyue was afraid of death and begged Concubine Lu to take her life back.

Concubine was so jealous that she forced her to follow suit. The three of Yudie became the royal chefs. They were arranged to prepare meals for Manhe and the prince, who had become a concubine. Zhao Yuanqing was not awake on the second day of the wedding, and the three of them left after delivering the food. After waking up, Zhao Yuanqing tasted the food and felt exactly the same as Yudie’s cooking. Although he was suspicious, he asked Concubine Luo.

Concubine Luo insisted that she made it herself. On the surface, the prince told Concubine Luo that she liked it, but in his heart I have decided to go to the kitchen to find out at night. Concubine Luo was overjoyed to reward the three of Yudie, and decided to take them into the palace to meet the imperial concubine Qin, to compete with the court Cuju Club, and find the prince they were looking for. After entering the palace, the Cuju competition was very exciting and intense. After the competition, Concubine Qin summoned a few people. She liked Yudie very much.

Man He promised that she would always take Yudie into the palace and praised Yudie’s cooking skills, Yudie. Decided to cook some dishes for Concubine Qin to try, and Concubine Qin liked Yudie even more after tasting the dishes. Returning to the palace, Jade Butterfly told Guier and Jier that Guier Qin was still very kind, and wondered why the “prince” I saw before was so ugly and not at all like Guifei Qin. Several people had doubts about this matter. A cook passed by and recognized the jade pendant that Yudie had just held in her hand, and suspected that she had stolen it. In the past few days, Lin Jue received reports from spies frequently, and a small group of Wanyan army appeared.

Every time Song soldiers were sent to pursue, the Song army was completely wiped out. Lin Jue saw that this was a fraud. Li Ma and the little monkey were wandering in the city, but accidentally saw Sun Xiaoqi secretly coming into contact with Wanyan Jun. They reported the matter to Lin Jue, saying that he would use the tricks. Lin Jue praised that he had made great progress, but suggested that he mantis catch cicada yellow The bird was behind, thus wiping out the ambushing Wanyan army. Li Ma and others followed Sun Xiaoqi to the place where the Wanyan army was in ambush in the forest. They were deliberately caught by the trick. After the Wanyan army appeared, Li Ma and the little monkey delayed time to untie the rope, and the little monkey used a wolf bark as an ambush.

The signal led to the Song army ambushing behind and arrested the Wanyan army and the rebel Sun Xiaoqixi. Li Ma once again defeated Yan Jun. All the people in Quezhou City regarded Li Ma as an idol. Wearing a Li Ma mask, they snapped up the Li Ma god arm bow. This move made the Wanyan soldiers who sneaked into the city to look for Li Ma and returned in defeat. . After knowing this, Yan Zeli was furious again and sent his subordinates to secretly look for opportunities to get rid of Li Ma. The little monkey did this and that for Meilan, who was in love at first sight, absent-mindedly, Li Ma knew he was really happy

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