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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 19 Recap

The kind-hearted Wunaxi brought food and blankets to the sheepfold to visit Wusao and two, and said that they could come to her if they needed it. A few days later, a soldier from the Song Dynasty came to Wanyan Bing Camp to spy on the military situation. After being exposed, he was chased by Wanyan Bing and fled to the sheep pen where the fifth sisters lived. The fifth sisters protected him and escaped. Song Bing was injured. In order to treat Song Bing’s wounds, the fifth sister-in-law asked Hongling to pretend to send the sheep on Wunaxi’s order.

After hiding from Wanyan Bing, after seeing Wunaxi, she asked Wunaxi for healing medicine. When Naxi learned that Wusao was injured, she went to visit immediately. She found the blood stains left by Song Bing. Wusao had to hurt her hand in order to hide her from Wu Naxi. Wu Naxi quickly gave her some medicine for injury. Heal injuries. Concubine Qin found Zhao Yuanqing and told him to let him accept her concubine. Zhao Yuanqing wanted to marry Yudie, but Concubine Qin was bewitched by Concubine Lu, thinking that Yudie was greedy for money and did not agree with the marriage of the two of them. Instead, she gave him Manhe promise.

Zhao Yuanqing refused but Qin Guifei was resolute, he had to accept reality. Luo Fu knew about the big wedding, and the whole family was very happy, but Mrs. Luo, who regarded wealth as fate, asked Yudie and the three to ask for cash. If not, she left Luo Fu and let them take care of it, and then left with a big laugh. . The Yudie and the three thought that they could not stay here anymore, and wanted to use Manhe to enter the Prince’s Mansion to find out.

So Jier used the prince as an excuse to attract Manhe. When they came, Yudie and Guier had already recovered their women’s clothing. Recognizing them, Yudie told Man He that if he wanted to grasp the prince’s heart, he must first grasp the prince’s stomach. Such a rhetoric made Man He take them into the palace together. On the day of the wedding, Yudie and several people ran into Mrs. Luo at the gate of Luo’s Mansion. Yudie lied that she had found the prince and was the god-sister recognized by the prince, and deceived Mrs. Luo. Madam Luo didn’t believe it, she asked Wang Jixian about it, but Wang Jixian happened to say that Yudie had been recognized as a god-sister by the prince.

Madam Luo had a guilty conscience and reluctantly returned Song Yudie’s expenses on the way to the capital to please Yudie. . The three of Yudie mixed into the welcoming team, and then entered the Prince’s Mansion as a cook. Ji Er took the jade pendant and asked them one by one. Guier directly set up a street sign to attract the Prince to come, while Yudie saw several adults in the pavilion. In the middle dance literary and ink, remembering that she and Zhao Yuanqing were chanting poems in Tianxianglou that day, she had a plan.

She wrote the upper couplet and waited for the second couplet, but no one could match it. Man He was very happy to marry the prince. Several families were happy and some were sad, but Zhao Yuanqing, who was lonely, was drunk on this day. Concubine Qin scolded him when he saw it. He was stimulated and left drunk. Complete the responsibilities the mother concubine said. Concubine Lu, who was also desperate, was overwhelmed and became a little nervous on the night of the prince’s wedding.

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