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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 18 Recap

Seeing Yudie hadn’t returned for a long time, Ji Er went out to search. Seeing Yudie being tied up calling for help, she wanted to catch up and rescue her. Yudie was brought to the face of Concubine Lu, who was covering her face. Concubine Lu persuaded her to give up her heart, stop looking for the prince, and send her away with money. Yudie was at a loss. She didn’t want money, she just wanted to see Zhao Yuanqing and ask the matter clearly. At this time Ji Er arrived and rescued her.

When Concubine Lu returned to the mansion, she still didn’t understand why Zhao Yuanqing was so obsessed with Song Yudie, and was very worried that Zhao Yuanqing would see Song Yudie, so Qiuyue suggested that Concubine Lu get rid of Song Yudie. After Yudie and the others went back, they encountered someone overhearing. The three decided to move to Lord Luo’s house. It was safe and able to supervise Lord Luo to help them find the prince. The next day Manhe went on a hunger strike to protest that the cook’s food was unpalatable. Master Luo had to cook by himself.

At this time Yudie appeared in the kitchen and was preparing delicious noodles for Manhe. Master Luo panicked and reluctantly agreed with them. After staying, he brought Yudie’s cooked rice to Manhe. Manhe thought it was delicious, so he went to the kitchen with his mother to see what kind of cook could make such a delicious meal. The three Yudie were dressed as men. After concealing Mrs. Luo and Man He, Mrs. Luo, who is a fan of money, heard that the cook was free, and immediately agreed to keep a few people in Luo Mansion. Wu Niang and the woman she rescued were sent to raise livestock by the soldiers of Wanyan. They had no choice but to secretly seek escape opportunities.

Li Ma was punished by Lin Jue for being drunk. After waking up, he found Lin Jue to apologize and discussed with Lin Jue the method of making a god arm bow. The little monkey fell in love with the girl selling steamed buns at first sight. Li Ma, seeing the little monkey showing great hospitality to the girl, remembered the days when he and Yudie spent time together. In order to please the prince and Concubine Lu, Man He brought the food made by Yudie to the Prince’s Mansion. She took the initiative to show her favor to Concubine Lu. Concubine Lu did not appreciate her.

After Man He left, Qiuyue suggested that Concubine Lu let the prince marry Man He. Using Manhe to replace Yudie, if the emperor gets better, she will do a great job. Concubine Lu thought she had received Manhe’s benefits and locked her up. But a few days later, the emperor became seriously ill. Gong Quanfu returned to the palace and gave the same advice to Concubine Lu. Seeing that both of them had said this, Concubine Lu knew that Qiuyue was wrong, so he immediately released Qiuyue and showed her good wishes. apologize.

Then Concubine Lu approached Concubine Qin and told her that she had chosen a good candidate to marry the prince, so that the emperor would be happy. Concubine Qin asked her why she didn’t choose Yudie. Concubine Lu made up Yudie for money and gave up the prince. People who think Yudie The product was really not worthy of the prince, and Concubine Qin believed that it was true, and agreed to Concubine Lu’s proposal.

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