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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 17 Recap

 Li Ma ignored the ridicule of Wanyan General Akdon. He sneered at him and shot through the war drums of Wanyan Army. This aroused the anger of Wanyan Generals. The whole army swarmed. Just as the Wanyan Army was approaching, Song The army began to release arrows, and Li Ma also used Wu’s god arm bow to take the life of the enemy general Akdon. He became famous in the first battle and became the head of Song Jun under Lin Jue. Wanyan Zeli was surprised by the defeat of Wanyan Army and vowed that he would take revenge.

He designed that Wanyan soldiers would go to the Song Army site to burn, kill and loot, spurring Li Ma against him, and estimating Li Ma’s strength. Zhao Yuanqing and the emperor both advocated peace talks, but the spies reported that Wanyan people did not agree to the peace talks. Zhao Yuanqing blamed himself for being too little involved in political affairs, and determined to start studying political affairs more, learning martial arts with Zhou Xiang, and wanted to go to the battlefield to defend his family and defend the country and be his father.

Share worries. When he was practicing martial arts, he met Luo Manhe, the daughter of an official secretary who liked him. Manhe wanted to get close to him, but he left indifferently. Miao Wenzhong helped Wu Niang find all the men named Zhao Yuanding in Bianliang City. Wu Niang checked carefully and found that they were not the real “Zhao Yuanding”. She didn’t know that the man was actually called Zhao Yuanqing. At night, Miao Wenzhong helped Wu Niang find Yudie’s foothold, and Wu Niang immediately took Jindou to find Yudie.

However, the two of them happened to meet the Wanyan soldiers who robbed the people. Kidnapped. At this time, the Yudie and the three who came home from the Perfect Food Festival were followed by others on the road, and Ji Er cleverly got rid of the followers. The three of them couldn’t figure out who had offended them, so they had to find Lord Luo first and threatened Lord Luo to help them find the prince. Lord Luo persuaded them to leave the capital, but they could not escape, but they agreed to help them find the prince who settled in Tianxianglou.

The next day, Miao Wenzhong sent his subordinates to find Yudie, and invited Yudie to come and tell Yudie that her mother had gone out to find her and did not return. She wanted to invite her to stay in the house. Yudie politely refused. Yudie left. Walking on the road full of thoughts, he was kidnapped by Concubine Lu and Gong Quanfu. At this time, Wusao and Jindou were tied up. They were sleeping in the carriage. They were awakened by a sound. Wusao saw the women who had been taken away by the Wanyan soldiers who wanted to rape them. She stopped them, but was irritated. Yan Bing, Wanyanbing wanted to kill Wusao. In order to protect her, Jindou was stabbed by Wanyanbing.

In order not to cause trouble, Wanyanbing dropped Jindou and brought Wusao to Wanyanjun. Camp. Wanyanbing saw that the woman wanted to behave badly and was resisted and killed the person who ran into him. The fifth sister-in-law couldn’t stand to curse Wanyanbing. Wanyanbing was about to beat her, the kind-hearted chief’s daughter Wunaxi. It happened to come here to stop the beating Wanyanbing, and begged the leader to let go of the women, but was scolded by the leader, so they had to temporarily leave the five sisters in the Wanyan camp.

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