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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 16 Recap

Wang Jixian offered advice to the prince, and led Yudie out by holding a culinary contest. The notice was already plastered on the street, and he waited for Yudie to participate. But Yudie, Guier, and Jier were passing by the place where they sold steamed buns. They stumbled upon this notice and decided to sign up for the competition so that they could see Zhao Yuanqing. However, the three of them were already penniless and had to make plans for their livelihoods.

The lucky three were taken in by a kind old man, and they decided to help in the store to repay the old man’s kindness. After spending a day and a night with Wu Chang senior, Li Ma decided to continue on his way. Wu Chang gave his Wu’s god arm bow to Li Ma. After Li Ma left, he found his eldest brother Lin Jue and his third brother, the little monkey. Decided to go to Quezhou first, but saw the people fleeing on the road, only to know that Quezhou was almost captured by the Wanyan people, who burned, killed and looted everywhere. Li Ma regretted not going to the frontier early, and made up his mind to study military books and get rid of it. foreign enemy.

At this time, Wanyan Army leader Wanyan Zeli and the others celebrated their achievements in the tent, and decided to go to station near Jinju. After the end, Wanyan Zeli asked Miss Wonaxi to say goodbye. Wonaxi expressed his heart to him, but Wanyan Zeli perfunctory . At night, Yudie and the others were about to rest, but they were interrupted by a stone thrown into the room from outside. Ji Er went out to check, only to see a dark shadow, several people relaxed and rested early.

In the blink of an eye on the third day, Yudie’s cooking was sought after by several restaurant owners. The bosses paid high prices to invite her to be the chef in their own restaurant, but Yudie was not impressed. Considering that they had been followed, Yudie, Guier and Jier dressed up and went to Jitianyuan, where the food festival was held, to find the prince. However, Zhao Yuanqing was summoned by his father to the palace and saw the health of the emperor. Worried, Yuan Qing determined to share the worry for his father, so the two did not meet as expected.

On the other hand, Wang Jixian went to a food festival dedicated to finding Yudie. When he arrived, the bosses of various delicacies made a group for him to taste the craftsmanship, but they missed Yudie. Song Yudie and his party were helplessly disappointed that they didn’t see the prince at the food festival. On this day, the Wanyan Tribe sent generals to break through Quezhou, and the Song Army also struggled to defend the city. The war between the two sides was very tragic. After desperate resistance, the Song Army defended the first wave of Wanyan Army attacks.

Li Ma and the little monkey were locked in the house by Lin Jue because they had no experience in killing enemies. The two were anxious to know the situation of the battle, and they were extremely anxious. After the Wanyan army regrouped and was about to launch a second wave of attacks, Lin Jue finally listened to his subordinates and released Li Ma and the little monkey. Li Ma suggested that the thief should be captured first, and he would take the initiative to ask Ying to go out of the city to meet the enemy, and the little monkey to also invite him. After they left the city, they were ridiculed by Wanyan Jun.

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