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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 6 Recap

Xiaohuan asks wild dogs to help them propagate in the tea shop, and they can be considered fortune and destiny. A masked young man came and asked Xiaohuan to help himself with the three words “Qin Wuyan”. Xiaohuan said that these three words indicated that he had a good fortune this time and could do a lot. Not long after Qin Wuyan left, Zhang Xiaofan, who was incarnate as Guili, also walked out.

He took out the word “Gui Li” to let Xiaohuan test his fortune. Xiaohuanqiang suppressed the excitement in his heart and told him that the two characters Guili were just enough. Shows that he does not believe in ghosts and gods, if so, why let himself count. Xiao Fan smiled, looked at Xiaohuan and said with emotion, “You have grown up”, then got up and left, letting Xiaohuan call Brother Xiaofan behind him.

Xiaohuan told Zeng Shushu what she had just seen. Zeng Shushu was about to get up and look for Xiaofan. Xiaohuan grabbed him and asked him what he could say when he saw it. Zeng Shushu said that he didn’t know what to say. What, just want to see him before Zhengma fights. Xiaohuan said that the current situation of the two factions in the village is still unclear, and Zeng Shushu should not act rashly for the time being.

As soon as Xiaohuan’s voice fell, Li Xun and Yan Hong from Fenxiang Valley appeared in front of them. Li Xun, who had always been arrogant and arrogant, began to ridicule again. When Li Xun was about to start in the yard, Xueqi, Jingyu Song Daren and Xiao Yicai and other Qingyun disciples arrived. Li Xun was afraid of Lu Xueqi’s skill and left with Yan Hong and others.

When the ghost king came to Yudu, he and Zhou Yixian stood by the river. Zhou Yixian knew that the ghost king was here to see where his daughter Baguio liked. A long time ago, Zhou Yixian once gave the ghost king a divination, saying that he would lose his wife in middle age and have no children. Zhou Yixian comforted the ghost king and persuaded him to let go of his obsession, but the ghost king said that he could not look back.

The hungry Xiaohuan saw a bunch of candied haws and was excited to take it out to eat. A voice reminded her that she was not afraid of being poisoned. Xiaohuan turned around and saw Jin Ping’er. After learning that Jin Ping’er was also going to the death swamp, she was very worried. Jin Ping’er comforted her and turned and left.

That night, Qingyun and his party rested in Dawang Village. Jingyu and Axiang from Tianyin Pavilion watched the night. Axiang was worried and wanted to sleep with Jingyu. Jingyu said that in fact, for the past ten years, it has been difficult to fall asleep because of himself. As soon as I closed my eyes, my mind was filled with innocent people in Caomiao Village, Xiao Fan who had now converted to the Demon Sect. Lin Jingyu sighed, even though he and Xiao Fan are facing each other now, Xiao Fan is still his only brother.

The next day, Qingyun and the people of Fenxiang Valley rushed to the death swamp. Everyone found that they could spend the night in the bottomless pit, and then divided into several factions, went to explore the way, and agreed to meet in the bottomless pit. At this time, Yuyangzi also planned to lead the disciples of the Changshengtang to eliminate the people under the Qingyunmen and eliminate their obstacles.

When Xueqi was exploring the way in the woods, a dart stuck a note on the tree in front of Xueqi. The note read “Beware of sneak attack”. Xueqi recognized that it was Xiaofan’s handwriting and hurried immediately. Going back, I had a plan in my heart.

Jingyu was exploring the way in the woods. Under the guidance of a person, he came to a place and found that the person who led him was Jin Ping’er. Jin Ping’er told him that there were many people coming to the demon sect, but the teaching insiders had their own hearts. The picture reminded him to go back and protect the man in the door now. After Lin Jingyu left, Xiao Fan walked out from behind. Jin Ping’er asked him why he didn’t show up if he missed him. Xiao Fan sighed that he didn’t meet in life and moved like a business man.

At Xiaofan’s reminder, Xueqi asked everyone to set up an ambush. That night, Yuyangzi led the people in the Changshengtang to attack and found the time. Xueqi shocked Yu and others to appear, and Yuyangzi and others fought, Yuyang The son lost to everyone and fled in embarrassment. Jingyu asked Xueqi how she knew that Yuyangzi would act. Xueqi told her that she had received a note in the woods. The writing on the note was very familiar. Jingyu was shocked when she saw the words on the note. .

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