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The Legend of Chusen S2 青云志2 Episode 5 Recap

Zhang Xiaofan returned to Qingyun and saw Xiao Hui at the bottom of the mountain. Xiao Hui was overjoyed and jumped around on Xiao Fan. Zhang Xiaofan told Xiao Hui that Baguio hadn’t woke up yet, so he came back with him and left. Hearing the words, Xiao Hui led Xiao Fan forward with hops and bounds until he reached the top of the mountain.

Tian Buyi stood alone on the top of the mountain. He noticed that Xiao Fan was back, and blurted out, and asked “Old Seven, is it you?” After hearing Xiao Fan’s answer, Tian Buyi sighed that he almost called his name just now. He has now converted to the Ghost King Sect and should have a new name, Xiao Fan replied “Ghost Li”. Tian Buyi said that Qingyun owed too much to Xiaofan after all, but Xiaofan said that he did not owe each other anymore.

After all, Qingyun had the kindness to nurture him, but he wanted to kill himself again. Tian Buyi bluntly said that he knew Xiao Fan would come back because Xiao Hui was still here. When they meet again in the future, they will inevitably be on opposite sides. At that time, Shao Xia’s men will be merciful. Xiao Fan said that even if the master wants to kill himself, he can Will never kill Master. After speaking, Zhang Xiaofan turned and left.

Zhang Xiaofan was not willing to leave. He came to every corner of Dazhufeng and saw Senior Brother Wu and Senior Brother Six cleaning his room. From the conversation between the two, he learned that Senior Brother Wu helped himself to clean the room every month. Wait until he comes back one day. He heard Tian Ling’er tell his mother Su Ru that he missed Xiao Fan very much. But Xiao Fan didn’t show up. He left, leaving Qingyun with his relatives and brothers.

In the middle of the night, Lu Xueqi stood on the top of the mountain, and his mind was full of Xiao Fan experiencing difficulties with him. Xiao Fan was struggling to save himself, but the words of Master still echoed in her ears. Before the retreat, Master told her not to be merciless when she saw Zhang Xiaofan. Xueqi’s heart is tangled and unbreakable.

In the ancestral hall, Lin Jingyu knelt in front of the memorial tablet. He told Wan Jianyi that he had been in charge of the precepts hall for many years. Only in the ancestral hall can he remind himself not to forget his original intention. Wan Jianyi reminded him that he could practice everywhere in the world, not only in the ancestral hall of the ancestor. In fact, Wan Jianyi knew that Lin Jingyu was about to rush to the death swamp.

Zhang Xiaofan returned to Huqi Mountain with Xiao Hui. The King of Ghosts said that the death swamp has been shining into the sky for several days. There are strange treasures and divine water in it. After learning that divine water is useful for reviving Baguio, Xiaofan did not hesitate Going now. The ghost king urged that Qingyun, Tianyin Pavilion, Fenxiang Valley, Wandu Gate, and Changshengtang would all gather there, asking Zhang Xiaofan to watch all the fighting and take advantage of the fisherman’s profit.

Xiaofan did not answer the conversation because he would not be like this. Act. Seeing that Xiaofan insisted on going alone, Qinglong suggested that he let the wild dog follow him. After all, the wild dog was loyal to Baguio and him, and Xiao Fan acquiesced.

Zeng Shushu wanted to rush to the death swamp alone, but Xiaohuan discovered that he was carrying Lu Banyu and knew his plan, so she pestered Zeng Shushu to take herself with him. She told Zeng Shushu that in the past ten years, everyone had said that Zhang Xiaofan had become a demon. The blood boy who teaches murder not blink, he doesn’t believe it, he wants to see it with his own eyes. Zeng Shushu agreed and went with Xiaohuan.

Zeng Shushu and Xiaohuan came near the death swamp, and noticed that the wild dog was hiding in the dark, so they tried to show the wild dog. From the wild dog’s mouth, Xiaohuan and Shushu learned that all the factions of the Righteous Demons had arrived here, and they now live in Dawang Village not far from the death swamp. At present, there is only one tea shop to live in. Xiaohuan heard about it, so he thought about it and asked the wild dog to take the two.

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