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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 9 Recap

Because of Lao Zhang’s temporary withdrawal of the lawsuit, the court adjourned. Shang Wanting looked at He Shengtang triumphantly and was very angry, saying that it was impossible to poison the food in the restaurant on the first floor of He Shengtang. In this way, He Shengtang would have nothing to do. Shen Shuhao told Shang Wanting not to do this because of this. Will hurt the innocent. In fact, this was just a momentary anger from Shang Wanting, and she didn’t really intend to do so. But what she never expected was that someone really poisoned the food on the other floor.

On that day, He Shengtang got rid of the entanglement of the lawsuit and hosted a banquet on the other floor to entertain everyone, but she did not expect everyone to be half late. Foaming and fainted to the ground. He Shengtang hurriedly sent everyone to the hospital by celebrities, and fell to the ground by poisoning himself. He Shengtang, who woke up, was very weak. He wrote a letter to Shen Shuhao. He said that the dispute between the Shen family and the He family was caused by the Tai’an Department Store. Now he is willing to return the Tai’an Department Store to the original owner. Don’t frame each other again.

Later, he asked his daughter Mulan to send the letter to Shen’s house. Shen Mulan ran into an old man on the road, and when she helped the old man to get up, someone dropped He Mulan’s letter. He Mulan arrived at Shen’s house with a fake letter. Shen Shuhao was furious after seeing the letter, because the letter was full of humiliation to herself, accusing herself of being a shameless and despicable villain, and threatened that she would never return Tai’an Department Store to him. ,

I want to destroy the Shen family. Shen Shuhao replies in anger, he will definitely stay with him to the end. Unknowingly, He Mulan took the letter back and showed it to her father. He Shengtang was furious, left a letter and broke herself. He Mulan learned that her father had passed away, and was distraught. She saw the letter left by her father. It said that the end of the He family had been set up by Shen Shuhao deliberately, asking He Mulan to remember her family feud and avenge her father.

Shen Shuhao was very guilty when he learned that He Shengtang had committed suicide. He wondered if his letter had contributed to the flames. . And Shang Wanting also came to Shen Shuhao’s study at this time. Shen Shuhao insisted that it was Shang Wanting who poisoned the food on the other floor, and she spread the anger on Shang Wanting. Shang Wanting could not argue with her, and Shen Shuhao also He didn’t want to hear her say more.

At He Shengtang’s memorial service, Shen Shuhao tried to comfort He Mulan. He Mulan accused him of taking advantage of the fire and robbing Tai’an Department Store. Shen Shuhao said that he just wanted to help He Mulan meet his urgent needs. The reserve price for his acquisition of Tai’an was much higher than the market price. There is money to repay the bank loan, but He Mulan accused Shen Shuhao of just false mercy.

In order to prove her innocence, Shang Wanting found Inspector Ji, and went to the next floor with him to check the situation. She met the chef Xiang Uncle on the other floor. From the mouth of Uncle Xiang, Ji Changan found a new clue.

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