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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 8 Recap

As soon as he left the auction room, Shen Shuhao questioned Shang Wanting where he kept He Mulan. Worried about He Mulan’s safety, Shen Shuhao lost control of his emotions and shouted at Shang Wanting, saying that if He Mulan had any shortcomings, he would not forgive her Shang Wanting didn’t know the king between Shen Shuhao and He Mulan. She was frightened by Shen Shuhao’s gaffe. The jealous Shang Wanting was unwilling to tell Shen Shuhao where He Mulan was hiding. Shen Shuhao got into the car angrily, but kept on starting No car.

Shang Wanting calmed down on the side of the road, and still took the seat of the co-pilot and told Shen Shuhao that He Mulan was locked up in the cabin on Minhang Road. Shen Shuhao took He Mulan to the cabin, and the guards of He Mulan were about to have trouble with He Mulan. Thanks to Shen Shuhao’s timely arrival and rescued He Mulan, He Mulan fainted in Shen Shuhao’s arms. Shang Wanting also knew that she had done something wrong, and wanted to reach out to support He Mulan, but she did not expect that Shen Shuhao yelled and told her not to touch He Mulan.

Then, Shen Shuhao hugged He Mulan and left, leaving Shang Wanting behind. Wooden house. Shang Wanting returned home, heartbroken, recalling the bits and pieces she had experienced with Shen Shuhao, and wept sadly. He Mulan woke up and found herself lying on the bed at home. The whole room was filled with all kinds of beautiful flowers, but there was no Hanlan she liked. She went out and found that Shen Yue, father, was sitting in the living room.

Tell her that those flowers were carefully selected by Shen Yue, and He Mulan thanked Shen Yue. In order to please He Mulan, Shen Yue transferred the Tai’an Department Store she had just auctioned to He Shengtang. He Mulan knew Shen Yue’s intentions, but she also knew clearly that in her life, except for Zhou Dingyi, she would no longer like others. . Shang Wanting and Shen Shuhao had a gap with each other because of He Mulan.

In the evening, Shen Shuhao sneaked into the Tai’an Department Store again, trying to find clues related to the mineral veins. He accidentally heard that Qu San, the housekeeper of the He family, was negotiating with Lao Zhang because of Lao Zhang. I bought the mosquito coils sold by Tai’an Department Store. The pregnant wife had a miscarriage because of the mosquito coils. Qu San gave Lao Zhang Qian Da Yang, hoping that Lao Zhang would give up. Shen Shuhao outside the door heard the news and was noticed by Qu San when he left. Qu San rang the alarm bell, and the security guards of Tai’an Department Store rushed out. Even though Shen Shuhao is strong, he still has certain difficulties in getting out.

At this time, Shang Wanting, who knew that Shen Shuhao had gone out, drove to the Tai’an Department Store, followed by Shen Shuhao and left. Shang Wanting told Shen Shuhao that even though he was dissatisfied with himself, the two of them had to work together to find the vein map, like This evening. Shen Shuhao agreed to continue cooperation with Shang Wanting. Shang Wanting and Shen Shuhao met with reporters from Shen Zhen. Shang Wanting took out Zhang’s confession, accusing the mosquito coils of Tai’an Department Store to be poisonous.

For the substance, she also took out the hospital’s appraisal certificate, which showed that the mosquito coil was indeed defective. Shen Shuhao looked at Shang Wanting, who was safe and proficient, with a smile on his mouth. The report was published in the newspaper, and the reputation of Tai’an Department Store plummeted. He Shengtang desperately wanted to help Lord Hou, and he offered great benefits to Lord Hou. Lord Hou sent someone to hold Lao Zhang and threatened him that if he dared to accuse He Shengtang, the whole family would lose their lives.

At the court hearing, Lao Zhang said in front of everyone that he wanted to withdraw the lawsuit, which made Shang Wanting and Shen Shuhao, as well as Shang Wanting’s specially invited lawyer Xiao from Shanghai, were very puzzled.

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