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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 7 Recap

Shang Wanting asked Shen Shuhao to watch a movie together. At the entrance of the cinema, Shang Wanting waited for a long time until the pouring rain came down. Shang Wanting hid in the phone booth and refused to leave. She believed that Shen Shuhao would definitely return. Until she saw Shen Shuhao rushing to the phone booth under the heavy rain, Shang Wanting saw Shen Shuhao’s anxious expression, forgave him, and quietly walked to Shen Shuhao’s side. .

Shen Shuhao was relieved when he saw Shang Wanting’s figure, and he went home with Shang Wanting on his back. Perhaps Shang Wanting hadn’t noticed it herself, and I don’t know when she fell in love with this Shen Shuhao. At the beginning, Hou Ye, He Shengtang and Shen Yue were embarrassed and took away Tai’an Department Store together.

When the three were sitting together discussing matters, Hou Ye said that He Shengtang should not decorate Tai’an Department Store for the time being, because his newly married aunt is a movie actor, cry After making a fuss about appearing in Director Cai’s movie, Director Cai took a fancy to Tai’an Department Store and wanted to use Tai’an Department Store as a attraction. He Shengtang readily agreed. Later, Hou Ye said that if they wanted to bring down the Shen family, they should bring down the Tai’an Department Store, and then bid for it, and they could make a fortune.

He Shengtang didn’t think much about it, thinking that Lord Hou’s words were reasonable, but Shen Yue who was on the side smiled. He was very clear about Lord Hou’s real intention and reason. Shen Yue went to find a reporter from the newspaper and offered a small profit, asking the reporter to spread news about Shen Shuhao selling opium in the newspaper.

After seeing the report, the citizens of Shanghai mistakenly thought that Shen Shuhao was selling opium and began to boycott Tai’an Company. They gathered at the gate of Tai’an Department Store to request the return of the goods. In order to preserve the reputation of Tai’an Company, Shen Shuhao decided to agree to the request of the people. Shang Wanting agreed with Shen Shuhao’s decision. She went out in person and found Ji Changan, who was watching coldly, and asked him to come forward and stop the current chaotic situation. The large number of product refunds consumed part of the Shen family’s savings. He Shengtang obeyed Hou Ye’s suggestion to sell the Tai’an Department Store.

Shen Shuhao decided to participate in the auction and take back the Tai’an Department Store, but the funds currently available to Tai’an Company are not enough. In order to help Shen Shuhao, Shang Wanting went back to Shang’s family to beg her father, but Shang’s father refused to do so. This made Shang Wanting very helpless, but she really wanted to help Shen Shuhao. For this reason, she took the risk and sent someone to kidnap him.

Mulan, but the guards of He Mulan were told not to touch a single hair of He Mulan. In fact, Shang Wanting’s nature is kind, but her family makes her unscrupulous for her purpose. At the auction site, Shang Wanting originally thought she was sure of winning, because she knew that the phone would ring later and He Shengtang had to give up the bid for the safety of her daughter.

But what made her and Shen Shuhao dumbfounded was that Shen Yue appeared in the auction and Shen Yuexiang The bank borrowed money and added his own savings to win the Tai’an Department Store for 40 million. Shen Shu Hao Monk Shang Wanting didn’t have that much money in his hands, so he had to give up. After answering the phone, He Shengtang rushed into the auction and accused Shen Shuhao of being shameless and kidnapping his daughter. Shen Shuhao thought of Shang Wanting’s series of abnormal performances, and suddenly understood the ins and outs of the matter.

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