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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 6 Recap

Back to Shen’s house, Shang Wanting recalled the daytime experience and felt guilty, so she came to the study to find Zhou Dingyi, and said that she would tell him the details now and that the two people should cooperate frankly in the future. She told Zhou Dingyi that she The necklace given to him is fake, and the real necklace is here.

Zhou Dingyi knew that this necklace was given to her by Shen Muzhi on the day that Shang Wanting and Shen Shuhao got married, so he asked if Shen Muzhi had said anything at the time. Shang Wanting thought about it and told Zhou Dingyi that Shen Muzhi only said at the time. In one sentence, she wanted her to give birth to a son early. Zhou Dingyi pondered these words repeatedly, and then he took Shang Wanting to the yard, digging under the big tree with a shovel, and dug out a box, Shang Wanting put the necklace in the box on the gap.

The treasure box is opened, and the bottom of the box is the icon of Tai’an Department Store. Shang Wanting and Zhou Dingyi suddenly understood that perhaps the map of Treasure was in the office before Shen Muzhi of Tai’an Department Store, but after He Shengtang entered the Tai’an Department Store, he said with great fanfare that they would renovate Tai’an Department Store. Zhou Dingyi believes that the top priority is to retake Tai’an Department Store.

At night, Zhou Dingyi sneaked into the Tai’an Department Store. Inspector Ji had been suspicious of Shen Shuhao, so he followed Zhou Dingyi secretly. In the warehouse of Tai’an Department Store, Zhou Dingyi found boxes of smoke and soil. Zhou Dingyi noticed that there were security guards from Tai’an Department Store around, so he cleverly pulled out.

At this time, Inspector Ji walked in over the wall and saw the note Zhou Dingyi left him and asked him to go to the second warehouse on the left. He followed the instructions above to that warehouse and found one box after another. Box of soot. Later, Inspector Ji received another note from Zhou Dingyi, reminding him of danger. Security guards from Tai’an Department Store swarmed in. During the fight, Zhou Dingyi removed the buttons on his opponent’s clothes and saw that it was a seaman’s clothes. Zhou Dingyi also gave Inspector Ji a note to remind him that there is a safe exit on the left.

Under Zhou Dingyi’s prompt, Inspector Ji was able to escape successfully. But Inspector Ji was very frustrated. He was arrogant and unwilling to admit this fact-he got out with the help of Zhou Dingyi, and then his men brought a box with a girl’s wig and a long hair. Skirt, and a button. Inspector Ji did not know why Zhou Dingyi gave him such a thing. He asked his men if he knew the button. A policeman told Inspector Ji that it was a button on the clothes of the crew of SF Express.

Inspector Ji took his hands down to the beach. The SF Express was hosting a banquet, and only ladies could go in without invitations. Inspector Ji understood Zhou Dingyi’s intention of giving him the long skirt and wig. Detective Ji gritted his teeth, dressed in women’s clothing, and got on the boat. He saw Zhou Dingyi. Zhou Dingyi also prankly invited Detective Ji to dance with him, and then reminded him to remember to find someone missing a button on his clothes.

Inspector Ji made a secret tour and found the button on the clothes The detainer, under his persecution, recruited the owner of the opium in the warehouse-Hou Ye. Inspector Ji, who always believed that to eliminate violence and maintain public order in Shanghai, immediately took his brothers to the Tai’an Department Store and took away all the opium. As soon as he left, Lord Hou received the news and learned that Inspector Ji was carrying his goods.

He immediately became angry and called Director Yuan of the police station. The bullying and fearful Director Yuan repeatedly agreed to wait for Ji Changan to escort the goods back and send them back to Lord Hou. However, the goods were robbed on the way. The person who delivered the goods was Zhou Dingyi. Zhou Dingyi came to Hou Ye’s nightclub with the goods.

He told Lord Hou that he returned to the original owner. Ye Hou asked Zhou Dingyi what conditions he had. Zhou Dingyi said that he only wanted a word from Lord Hou and he should not let He Shengtang decorate. Tai’an Department Store, because he wanted to take it back, Hou Ye readily agreed.

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