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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 5 Recap

Zhou Dingyi knew very well that the so-called transport of opium was planted and framed by Shen Yue. He directly approached Shen Yue and told him that he would keep his shares, but warned him not to frame himself secretly, otherwise he would not spare him. Shen Yue was surprised, because the former Shen Shuhao had been used to bullying himself since he was a child and would not let him go so easily. Shen Yue, who was warned by Zhou Dingyi, drove away with anger and ran into a student named Xiaotong accidentally.

Shen Yue got out of the car and threw a few banknotes to the girl without a word. Just when he was about to turn around and leave, Mulan, who was Xiaotong’s classmate, came to Xiao Tongtong’s side, and accused Shen Yue of hitting others and not apologizing for being so confident. Xiaotong didn’t want to cause trouble, so she took Mulan and left. The moment Shen Yue saw Mulan was stunned, he was attracted by the simple and kind Mulan.

As the largest shareholder of Tai’an Department Store, He Shengtang became the chairman of Tai’an Department Store. He held the opening ceremony with great fanfare, and everyone on the beach announced that he was going to take over the Tai’an Department Store. Shen Yue came to the opening scene. He wanted to ask Master He Shengtang about the crime, but when he saw He Mulan get off the car, Shen Yue was stunned.

Then he realized that the girl who moved him was He Shengtang’s biological daughter. . Therefore, Shen Yue no longer troubled He Shengtang, but only warned He Shengtang to return what belonged to him. Shang Wanting went home to see her father. The scheming Shangfu saw that she had a lot of thoughts. Under Shangfu’s questioning, Wanting told her own thoughts. She told her father that she could be sure that the person who came back was not Shen Shuhao.

Moreover, he sneaked into Shen’s house to get a map of the treasure. Shangfu was furious when he heard that, thinking that Shen Shuhao was their opponent, so he had to use Shen Yue’s hand to get rid of the so-called Shen Shuhao. Father Shang asked Shang Wanting to take Shen Shuhao to Qinglong Temple. On the other side, he sent a message to Shen Yue. Shen Yue gave Yun Shisan a long-range shotgun and asked him to kill Zhou Dingyi. The necklace Shang Wanting gave to Shen Shuhao was fake. She asked Shen Shuhao to accompany herself to Qinglong Temple on the ground that the chain box of the necklace was placed in Qinglong Temple.

In fact, Shang Wanting was very entangled in her heart. After a period of time, she was attracted by Zhou Dingyi, who was prudent and careful, and kind and considerate, but she was burdened with the mission of the family, and Wanting was in a dilemma. At the Qinglong Temple, while the abbot was going to get the chain box, Shang Wanting took Zhou Ding to the side to calculate a divination. The fortune teller said that the marriage between the two was destined in the previous life, and they will be together in this life . Wanting felt embarrassed.

Then, the two of them went to write their wishes. Wanting said that they wanted to write two, one hanging on the temple tree and the other to take home. In fact, Wanting wrote about being together forever. She hung her hand sign. I accidentally fell down when I finished the tree, Zhou Dingyi took a closer look With her injury, she went to eat with her back, Zhou Dingyi entered the kitchen and took out some of Shang Wanting’s favorite Su Zhai, Shang Wanting was very moved.

Afterwards, Shang Wanting and Zhou Dingyi returned to Shen’s house with a chain box. Yun Shisan, who was squatting on a tree, shot Zhou Dingyi’s car with a shot. Shang Wanting grabbed the steering wheel of the car and walked aside, because She didn’t want Zhou Ding to die. Zhou Dingyi thought that Shang Wanting would be frightened only when she was frightened. He comforted her until he agreed to find the treasure with her, so he would definitely protect her.

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