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1931 Love 1931年的爱情 Episode 4 Recap

Shen Yue showed He Shengtang the accounts he had brought. He Shengtang knew from the accounts that Luan Peng and Pangtong were greedy for a lot of the company’s money, so he carried Shen Yue on his back and threatened them with the handles of the two, making He Shu and Luan Shu Forced to sign an equity transfer agreement, He Shengtang became the largest shareholder of Taian Department Store.

Inspector Ji, who was playing cards, received a call and concluded that the address mentioned by the other party was Shen’s house, and then brought a team of people to Shen’s house. However, Shang Wanting and Zhou Dingyi, who had already decided to cooperate, cooperated closely, so Inspector Ji had nothing to say and could only leave with his brothers.

After Inspector Ji left, Zhou Dingyi thought a lot. He and his mother left in a hurry when he thought of the fire that happened many years ago, but his mother folded back because he missed the padded jacket at home and was knocked out by a fire stick. Zhou Ding went back and tried to take his mother out. In a daze, he saw a group of suspicious-looking people outside, and one of them spoke Japanese. Then, he lost consciousness. When he woke up, he saw Lao Chen on the bedside. Lao Chen told him that he had been in a coma for three days and three nights. His mother had passed away. He helped him to remove the cotton jacket and saw his mother accidentally. Letter left to him.

Zhou Ding opened the letter tremblingly, in which his mother had asked him. His mother told him that after seeing the letter, he should cut off the relationship with He Mulan, because he and He Mulan are too far apart and they are destined to be impossible to be together, just like himself and his father. It turned out that Zhou Dingyi’s mother was the maid of the Shen family back then, and she fell in love with Shen Muzhi. After having Zhou Dingyi, she came to the northeast alone and raised her child with difficulty.

But until he saw this letter, Zhou Dingyi still didn’t know who his father was, nor did he know how Shen Shuhao in Old Chen’s mouth had anything to do with him. Old Chen looked at this face exactly like Shen Shuhao, and he was very surprised. He knew very well that the real Shen Shuhao had died in a car accident, but what is the relationship between this young man named Zhou Dingyi and Shen Shuhao and the Shen family?

Even Zhou Dingyi didn’t know it, because the vein map of the Shen family was what the Japanese wanted, and Old Chen knew clearly that the Japanese would not be allowed to succeed. For this, he had a bold idea. Zhou Dingyi, who had lost his mother, severed the connection with He Mulan. On the one hand, this was his mother’s last wish.

On the other hand, he felt that he could not give Mulan happiness according to his state. Zhou Dingyi worked as a porter on the dock, but was bullied by some people and asked him for protection. The bruised Zhou Dingyi was lying on the ground, and the old city walked over and asked him if he was willing to live this life forever. Old Chen explained his intentions. He wanted Zhou Dingyi to pretend to be Shen Shuhao, enter the Shen family, and destroy the Japanese’s access to the vein map. Subsequently, Lao Chen put Zhou Dingyi was sent to the U.S.

Special Forces Training Base for all-round training. When Shen Muzhi passed away, he came to Shen’s house. Shen Yue ordered the people to rob the Shen family’s Abiao and Afu’s trucks, and sent a cart of opium to Shen’s warehouse. Then he contacted Inspector Ji. Zhou Dingyi was suspected of trafficking in opium by the Shen family. Was arrested and imprisoned.

A killer designed by Shen Yuepei infiltrated the prison, stunned the police officer, and wanted to kill Zhou Dingyi. At the very moment, Detective Ji shot and killed the assassin and saved Zhou Dingyi. At this time, Shang Wanting and Uncle Lu also found A Biao and A Fu, proving that someone had robbed the truck and deliberately planted it, and Zhou Dingyi was acquitted.

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